Bin collections at Christmas

bin collections

There are changes to the bin collections in Nunney over the Christmas and New Year period.

bin collections

Monday 24 December No change

Tuesday 25 December – Friday 28 December All two days later, including Tuesday collections on Thursday

27 December and Friday collections on Sunday 30 December

Monday 31 December No change

Tuesday 1 January – Friday 4 January All one day later, including Friday collections on Saturday 5 January

Monday 7 January Usual collections resume

No garden waste collections 24 December – 4 January; resuming 7 January.

Revised days also apply to assisted and clinical waste collections.

Recycling sites follow usual schedules, except all sites close at 4pm on Monday 24 and 31 December. All sites closed 25-26 December and 1 January.

Christmas trees – either: home compost, or take to a recycling site or, if you have a garden waste subscription, undecorated trees under 6ft can go out for collection on your usual garden waste collection day from 7 January, or look for local charity shredding/collections.

(Last resort: send tree to costly, wasteful, polluting landfill. Place next to your rubbish bin on your usual collection day 7-18 January 2019)