How important is the village shop?

Nunney SPAR shop

Nunney Parish Council is asking for your views on the SPAR village shop, which is for sale but could close.

Nunney SPAR shop

The village has had a shop owned and run by S. Bird & Sons since 1923. Now David and Sarah want to retire by September 2019.

They put the shop on the market 2 years ago. The current asking price is £625,000:

and (Reference number 3872)

If no buyer is found within three years, the Bird family could apply for change of use to residential property as early as next year. The shop could be turned into 2 or 3 apartments and Nunney would lose its shop.

As said, David and Sarah Bird maintain that they won’t retire until September 2019. But what do you think should happen in Nunney after that?

The village has already lost its Post Office. As well as selling a range of products, the SPAR village shop has a social role in village life and provides services such as selling tickets for local events.

If the shop closes – whether next year or the year after, the nearest stores are the SPAR shop at Nunney Catch and Sainsbury’s and Asda in Frome.

But there are alternatives. The village shop could be updated as a convenience store or become a community-run shop.

long-established-spar-convenience-store-for-sale_1000X750Nunney Parish Council would like to formally declare the shop an Asset of Community Value, or Community Asset. It considered doing the same with the pub, which is also for sale, but dropped plans as the pub is not at risk.

The new Community Asset right gives communities 6 months to put together a bid to buy and save much loved shops, pubs or other local facilities that are for sale.

In order to help Nunney Parish Council form its policy on what to do about the shop and apply for Community Asset status, it would like your opinion on the importance of keeping a shop in the centre of the village.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey (one survey per household):


S Bird & Sons
The original S. Bird & Sons shop on Castle Green
If you no longer shop at the SPAR village shop but would consider using the shop in future, you can make this clear in your answers – for example in the available text fields under ‘Other’ or in the comments box at the end.

Please be as honest and realistic as possible in your answers. Although you need to add your name and address in order for your responses to be valid, the data you provide is confidential.

If you live in Chantry, Whatley, Wanstrow, Trudoxhill or any of the other surrounding villages and use the Nunney village shop, please also complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact a member of the Parish Council.

The deadline for this survey is 31 October 2017. You will also get a paper copy of the survey through your door.

Data collected from the survey will be used to guide Parish Council policy on the shop.