Nunney Community Association minutes May 2014

NCA Minutes, Nunney
The next tug-of-war contest will take place on 25 August.

Here are the minutes of a meeting of the Nunney Community Association held at The George at Nunney on 20 May 2014.

Nunney Community Association Minutes, Nunney
The next tug-of-war contest will take place on 25 August.

Attended by Simon Forrester (Chair), Andy Mason (Treasurer), Lynne Roberts (Sec), Jeremy Gaunt (Fayre Sec), Max Innes, Lara Tatum, Mo Bell, Les Robertson, John Rider, Roger Bell, Jane Allison, Ken Lloyd, Jeff Smith, James Leach and Neil & Emma Murphy
Apologies – none needed.

Minutes of previous meeting – Read and agreed.

Matters arising from the minutes

  1. Insurance– Further to our concerns about insurance for the Flower Show, Jeff Smith was co-opted on to the N.C.A., thus linking the two organisations and making the coverage legitimate.
  2. Zip Wire – The contractors are not yet ready to install the Wire as the ground beneath it still needs to settle.
  3. Nunney Fayre – The car parking arrangements will be in the hands of Frome Carnival Club with whom we will share takings on a 60:40 basis. Jeremy asked for £500 for publicity/programs since our previous sponsor is no longer able to help.
  4. Tractors – John Rider is to approach Jeff Smith with a view to giving tractor training. John, James, Emma and Jane expressed an interest.
  5. Community First Responders – Emma outlined the recruitment drive by the South West Ambulance Service for volunteer helpers. Further details can be found at- [email protected] and applications made to
  6. New Bar Steward – John Rider has volunteered to do this and, following Francis Hayden’s departure, will attend a training session so that we are up to date regarding current licensing rules and regulations. N.C.A. will fund his costs.
  7. Gifts – Further to our previous discussions about gifts given to villagers on 90th birth days and 50th wedding anniversaries and onwards, it was decided to maintain this tradition. A letter was read out from Nora and Fred LeStrange in support of the status quo. However, some members felt that there may be times when such gifts may be inappropriate or simply unwanted and Jane, as the delivery person, would endeavour to be sensitive to this possibility.
  8. Tug-of War – This is a joint N.C.A.- Village Hall event to take place on Mon. 25th August. We discussed the Hog Roast and also prize money and settled on a formula of ‘Number of people in a team X 10’. We will discuss details at future meetings.
  9. Finance – A detailed breakdown of this past month’s accounts was provided, proceedings from the Jazz Night yet to be included. A bill of £960 for insurance is to be paid.
  10. 100 Club – This month’s winners are £20 – John Davies, £10 – Sue Innes and £5 – David Barratt.

AOB – Mary Lynch-Staunton asked for funding for a new sign at Nunney Castle which was granted. Simon will approach someone suitable to make it.

Signs-Claire Lewis asked if a more attractive sign could replace the one outside her house indicating directions to the village hall. The sign in the Market place saying ‘private land’ is ambiguous as the area is used constantly for parking.

Jane raised concerns about traffic speed in the school area. This was discussed at length and Ken Lloyd outlined the costs and practicalities of extending the current speed restrictions.

The Quarry Gardens will need a donation of £1,000 to continue refurbishments.

Nunney Players asked for a donation of £1,000 towards the film being made about World War 1. We agreed in principle to help but didn’t agree an amount as the hour was late.

Postlebury News – Simon is taking over from John Webb whilst he is in hospital. Simon called for written contributions. We discussed the idea of a Nunney news-sheet, to be given free to each household, so that people who do not take the Postlebury news or have access to the website, can stay informed about village news.

Extra gazebos were requested to meet demand. We need lighting for the next Carols in the Castle. The storage shed in the Quarry grounds is in need of refurbishment.

The people we know to be engaged with the care of elderly/sick people, requested not to be asked about their progress as this breaks codes of confidentiality. As with other people in the public eye, it is important that their home address not be shared with anybody from outside the village, making enquiries.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm. Our next meeting is at the George on Monday 16th June at 7.30pm.