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Netwalking South West

Netwalking South West is coming to Nunney on Wednesday 10 July for a business networking walk.

Netwalking South WestThe 10 July mixed Netwalking event will be in collaboration with Nicki Davey of Saltbox Training & Events, based at The Salthouse next to All Saints Church in Nunney.

Netwalking combines networking and walking, and Netwalking South West is for anyone in business in the West Country. The group provides mixed events as well as women-only days.

About Netwalking South West

Netwalking South West offers well-organised, facilitated walks on a given theme, giving you a healthy and inspirational way of growing your business.

Netwalking South West offers something for everyone, whichever your sector and whatever your business.

The walks begin and end at a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant and are a great opportunity to connect, be inspired and build relationships in a different way. They are an opportunity to go deeper than you might do at a regular networking event.

The walks are organised in such a way that you will be paired up with different people throughout the walks, so you will not be on your own for long.

10 July Netwalk

You are invited to join us for coffee and introductions at the Salthouse from 9.45am, to leave promptly at 10.30am.

We will be walking for approximately one and half hours. The terrain is mixture of stoney tracks and fields. Sturdy (and possibly) water proof footwear is recommended, do check the weather forecast.

This mixed netwalk invites men and women in business to get out of the office and experience some fresh air and fresh thinking. The group size varies from 6 people, including the organisers, up to 20 netwalkers.

Netwalking South West is offering this mid week pause to reflect with other people in business. Just how are things right now, where is our business at this point and what needs to happen next? Do come and join us.

Nickey Davey

Nicki Davey, Salt Box, NunneyNicki Davey runs Saltbox Training & Events, which she set up in 2009 after more than 20 years’ experience of leading, managing, training and developing people in the charity and social housing sectors.

She also runs The Salthouse, a centre for personal, professional and business development in Nunney.

Nicki’s boundless energy, power to engage people, ability to turn ideas into reality and sense of fun have earned her a reputation as an inspiring leader and innovative trainer.

In addition to her membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Stress Management Society, Nicki is a qualified facilitator for the Tetramap profiling tool.

Nicki Davey believes that we all perform best when our mind is free, our body relaxed, and our creative potential unlocked. She applies these principles to all her training. She combines this With a great love of being outdoors and considers our connection to the natural world an essential for wellbeing, creativity, and inspiration.

Booking information
Booking is done through eventbrite and purchased online. Click here to book your place now.

The Netwalk in Nunney on Wednesday 10 July is priced at £10.00 per head. If a walk is cancelled due to very bad weather we aim to reschedule, however your payment will move to the next suitable netwalk.

Contact information
Netwalking South West

Nicki Davey
Salt Box Training & Events
Telephone 01373 837 333 or 07792 788 175
Email [email protected]

The Salthouse
Church Street
Somerset BA11 4LW
Telephone 01373 837 333
Email [email protected]

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