Nunney Annual Parish Meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 May from 7pm in Dallimore Mead Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

BMX_rider_silhouetteThe Annual Parish Meeting is a special meeting of Nunney Parish Council, where the Chairman of the parish council reports on what has happened in the past year and members of the public can ask questions.

The meeting also includes a guest speaker. This year Jemma Whitburn, a Frome-based BMX rider, will be talking about BMX and how the track in Nunney can be used to develop riding skills and interest in BMX.


  1. Approval of notes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2014
  2. BMW riding and the track in Nunney, a talk by Jemma Whitburn
  3. Parish Council Report for 2014-15, by Ken Lloyd, Chairman of the Parish Council
  4. Open Forum, the Chairman will answer questions

The Annual Parish Meeting takes place on Tuesday 5 May from 7pm in Dallimore Mead Hall.

This meeting is followed by the final regular meeting of Nunney Parish Council before the elections on Thursday 7 May. At this meeting only the most urgent matters can be discussed and no decisions may be taken that affect the next parish council.

The agenda for this meeting is available at

Dallimore Mead Hall
Dallimore Mead
Somerset BA11 4NB

Contact information
Beverley Palmer
Clerk, Nunney Parish Council
Telephone 0775 293 6709
Email [email protected]

Ken Lloyd
Chairman, Nunney Parish Council
Telephone 01373 837 395
Email [email protected]

Jeremy Gaunt
Deputy Chairman, Nunney Parish Council
Telephone 01373 836 949
Email [email protected]