Nunney Church Roof Appeal

All Saints Church Nunney
All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)

All Saints Church in Nunney is in dire need of a new ceiling to replace the temporary panels put in place in the 1960s.

All Saints Church Nunney (Photo:  John Webb)
All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)

Nunney Church Roof
Nunney Church around 1900, showing part of the barrel-vaulted ceiling and dormer windows (top left).
The beautiful barrel-vaulted ceiling that was originally in Nunney Church rotted away in the 1950s. Temporary ceiling tiles were put in place, which now need replacing.

The Friends of Nunney Church are trying to raise £200,000 for a new barrel-vaulted ceiling through the Nunney Church Roof Appeal. To date, the Nunney Church Roof Appeal has raised over £135,000 mostly from local donors, events and fundraising activities.

The Diocesan authority have given their full support to a revised scheme (Plan C).

Nunney Church of All Saints
The temporary ceiling tiles have become unsightly and are falling down.
This will include the removal of the unsightly tiles and the installation of a barrel-vaulted ceiling. This will leave the old roof trusses exposed and see the installation of new dormer windows.

Although not quite as originally envisaged, the Friends recognise that these straitened times call for flexibility.

The consequence of this change of plan is that what might have cost £500,000 will now be achieved for about £200,000. However, the balance of funding has yet to be found. A further round of applications to funding bodies has started in the hope that work can start by the end of the year.

Nunney Church bats

The priority now is to remove a colony of Lesser Horseshoe bats from their present roost above the ceiling to a new space. This will have to be installed at a cost of up to £10,000.

Natural England, the government’s adviser on the natural environment and wildlife, last month finally gave permission to start work on the new roost. Once the diocese has given permission too, work will start in the new year.

This will include the – temporary – removal of the ceiling tiles, leaving the steel trusses clearly visible for now. Bringing back the four dormer windows that previously flooded the church with light will also make a huge change to the currently rather gloomy interior.

The good news is that the popular Raise the Roof concerts in Nunney Church continue as part of the Nunney Church Roof campaign. Visit Nunney works closely with the Friends of Nunney Church to continue the well-attended local history exhibitions in the church next year as well.

The Friends of Nunney Church have received a gift of £15,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation, taking the total raised to date up to £135,000.

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