Nunney Community Association minutes June 2013

NCA Minutes, Nunney
The next tug-of-war contest will take place on 25 August.

Minutes of the Nunney Community Association (NCA) meeting held on Monday 17 June 2013.

Nunney Community Association
Nunney Street Market and Fayre is organised by the Nunney Community Association (NCA).

Attended by:

Ms C Goldsmith (CG – Chair)
Ms E Murphy (EM – Secretary)
Mr J Gaunt (JG – Fayre Secretary)
Mr M. Innes (MI)
Mr S. Forrester (SF)
Ms L Tatam (LT)
Mr J Rider (JRi)
Mr R Bell (RB)
Mr F Hayden (FH)
Ms J Allison (JA)
Ms J Rawlings (JR)
Ms K Lowe (KLow)

1. Apologies: Apologies from NM and KL

2. Minutes of meeting

Minutes of previous meeting in May were agreed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes
3.1 Fayre

JG informed the meeting that he really needs the insurance arranged. Stalls sold out with waiting list. Car parking sorted and road closures arranged.

3.2 Sign at Top of Village
JRi confirmed that the sign was all ready and he has agreed with the school where it is going to go. He asked how many keys were needed to open the board, CG agreed that we needed three keys for the board.

3.3 Tug of War June 15th
RB said for all that was there (there wasn’t many) it was an enjoyable afternoon. The weather had let us down but all in all it was a reasonable afternoon. The hog roast man only had used one quarter of the hog and FH confirmed about 30 pints of beer were brought. CG asked as to what would be done with the team entry money. CG suggested that we still consider having this as an annual event, perhaps as a inter-street or inter village.

3.4 Autumn Quiz
RB confirmed we needed to get notification out earlier than last year. Confirmed as 4th October 2013. Family quiz, Mike Wells booked.

3.5 Newsletter
Spring newsletter sent out. JG asked if we would like to put minutes of meeting and newsletter on visit nunney website.

3.6 Storage Shed
MI confirmed that we are still awaiting a quote for the repairs. Ron has been helping re-home tables. The mattress had gone to a martial arts chap in Glastonbury. Ron had taken them to the auction and six tables had gone for £100. Ron handed over a cheque to the Nunney Community Association for £125.75. He was thanked kindly. Another six will be going into auction this week.

3.7 Play Area
JG spoke on behalf of KL. He explained that people were very reluctant to come and quote but KL was chasing them.

3.8 Bonfire
SF confirmed that his friend would be confirming this week the cost. CG explained that the insurance company had no problems. KL had been trying to source a field, CG suggested the wrack field. KLow suggested the hay field with parking in the truck stop. JA confirmed she was happy to investigate these suggested fields.

3.9 Moat
JG said he had spoken to Mark who knew nothing about it and he has arranged to come and see it next week. There is permission required by environment agency but they are hoping to come first week of July. Ron said there is a company called Mullens and he has emailed them about the moat and they had confirmed they would take it up with Engish Heritage.

4. 6-month Calendar
All dates for next 6 months had been previously agreed. It had been discussed about the big band supper. MI suggested he would speak about some new dates and then the Nunney Community Association to discuss food. FH asked for anybody who had any lists of things required for each event and he would happily put them together.

5.  Finances
CG read out the finances there was no schedule £9063.49 in deposit £2920.02 in current account. CG confirmed she has some bills to pay but also had lots of stallage to pay in.

6. 100 Club
CG confirmed there were two free numbers, Some hadn’t paid so CG was going to chase up. There was a discussion about amalgamating all the payments dates to make administration easier.
1st 100 Andrew Brown

6. Any Other Business

  • MI needs to buy some black sacks. Tins of beers in the shed been sold for £15.
  • Lynne Roberts will be taking over as secretary for the Nunney Community Association as of next month. CG welcomed Lynne.
  • MI asked for help to put up the marquee on 14th July KLo will arrange 8 people to be there.
  • FH discussed the market place which is not registered with the land registry. We are not allowed to spend money on it unless we own it. The parish council cannot spend any money on it where as the NCA can. FH suggested it was discussed at the next meeting

Date of Next Meeting
Monday 15th July 2013 19.30 in The George at Nunney.