Nunney Community Association minutes February 2014

duck race
The annual East Sunday duck race is organised by Nunney Community Association.

Here are the minutes of the Nunney Community Association’s meeting held at The George at Nunney on Monday 17 February 2014.

The annual East Sunday duck race is organised by Nunney Community Association.
The annual East Sunday duck race is organised by Nunney Community Association.
Attended by:
Simon Forrester (Chair for this meeting), Lynne Roberts – (Secretary), Max Innes, Jeremy Gaunt,  John Rider.

1. Apologies –  Ken Lloyd, Roger Bell, Emma and Neil Murphy, Lara Tatum, Francis Hayden, Jane Allison, Andy Mason.

2. Minutes of previous meeting held in January were agreed.

3. Matters Arising from minutes:

3.1 – Zip Wire update. Jeremy explained that the contractors had arrived on 17th Feb but found that the ground was undulating rather than the even slope needed and so could not begin installation. Earth from the Allom’s garden (unwanted!) will be transported, with the help of Richard Masters,’ to Russell field when the ground is less soggy. Meanwhile, the contractors will return on Wed 19th Feb to install concrete posts. Hopefully the Zip Wire could be installed within two weeks-all being well.

3.2 – Fromage en Feu. A great evening – the band were very well received. Sixty or so people attended and we discussed future events and how best to advertise. Adrie put information on Facebook, Nunney website and Twitter and this seemed to draw new people to the village hall. Jeremy asked about reimbursements for Adrie and Lynne has since seen David Golby who agreed to copy any leaflets or printed matter as he has the village hall printer which can be utilised by all groups.

3.3 – Church Clock.   Mary L-S asked the NCA for a donation towards the repair of the church clock and, after some discussion, we decided to give the full amount of £500 as the money is there. Some members would like to see a breakdown of this cost. Andy will be informed on his return.

3.4 – AGM.  This will take place at the George on 17th March at 7.30pm. Simon will see Gordon about some refreshments as it was thought that this would encourage more people to attend. Notices to inform residents about the meeting have been placed in the village hall notice board, the NCA notice board outside the school, the Spar shop, outside Max’s house and on the Nunney website. Norman may do a notice too. Nomination forms have been left in the Spar and will be also at the school office after the half term holiday. Four committee members will be asked to stand down so that new people can be elected if required. Simon to see Neil, Emma and Francis. Max is also due to stand down if required but expressed a wish to remain on the committee as log as he is here in the village.

3.5 – Quiz Night.  The Inter-street Quiz will be on Friday 28th March at 7.30pm. Max will ask Norman to design a board to advertise the event. Mike Wells, the quiz master will attend. Andy will be asked to sort prize money and a float.  Simon offered to score and Jill Collins will be asked also. Help will be needed during the afternoon to set up tables, chairs and a scoreboard. Simon offered to sort biros. Francis will be asked to run the bar. (Isn’t Mike Wells and his wife usually given a gift at the end of the evening?) Cup currently with Sally L-S.

4. Finance – Andy Mason on holiday but sent an outline of the current finances to the meeting. The accounts continue to be healthy and have been forwarded to Owen for the annual audit.

5. 100 Club – This month’s winners are – Sharman Barrett £20, Jill Collins £10 and Lesley Pearce £5.

6.  AOB – Max asked if the fee charged for ‘fun’ equipment hired out to various organizations was reasonable. We discussed this matter and Max concluded, given the age of some items, that the cost should stay as it is for the time being.

We discussed the Duck Race and the Easter Hat Competition. We anticipate this will take place on Sunday 20th April. More details to follow.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Next meeting & AGM – Monday 17th March 7.30pm The George.