Footbridge opening ceremony cancelled

Nunney footbridge

The opening ceremony for the new footbridge that has just been installed between Church Street and Castle Street has been cancelled due to snow and ice.

Nunney footbridge

Nunney Brook
There have been several footbridges across the Nunney Brook since the late 1890s.
Nunney Community Association (NCA) had organised a grand opening event on Saturday 2 February to celebrate the new bridge, which reopens the link between the church and Nunney Castle after a two-year absence.

But following heavy snowfall overnight, the decision was taken to cancel the event. Residents and visitors will be able to use the bridge as normal, but without an opening ceremony.

Organisers Ken Lloyd and Frances Tyson previously told Visit Nunney: “We have had many bridges over the last few centuries, but hitherto all built of wood which went rotten fairly quickly. The Parish Council was consulted on the design but the bridge was designed and financed entirely by Somerset Highways because it is an ancient right of way.”

“Somerset Highways decided to bite the bullet and build us a proper bridge – slightly wider than the old one – which will last for a couple of hundred years at least. All in all this will be an historic moment in the history of the village.”

Nunney footbridge

The bridge is built on massive galvanised steel girders which allow it to span the river without needing central supports.

All the woodwork is made from a very dense African hardwood (it sinks in water) which is totally unaffected by water.

In keeping with modern safety standards the railings are built for safety and not for style, so it is not the prettiest of bridges, but it is improved by being deliberately curved up in the middle.

Since it is a little higher than the old bridge the down slope on the Church side will have side rails for safety.

A procession starts in the Market Place at 10.40am, followed by the opening of the footbridge by VIPs at 11am.

Nunney residents are invited to gather either in Castle Street or at the Church Street end of the bridge.

The footbridge was commissioned by Somerset Highways and constructed by Shrewsbury-based specialist firm Beaver Bridges.

Nunney footbridge