Raise the Roof AGM

Nunney Church
Nunney Church

The AGM of the Froends of Nunney Church will take place on Saturday 16 April from 11am in Nunney Church.

All Saints Church Nunney (photo John Webb)
All Saints Church Nunney (photo John Webb)
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and hear about progress on plans and planning permission, fundraising and when the work will start – and finish!

The Friends of Nunney Church have issued the following newsletter:

What a pleasure to report that we are now finally ready to make a start on restoring the roof. During the last year we finished the new bat roost, took down the fibre board ceiling, obtained the all-important faculty, the MDC planning permission and all the other approvals we had to get.

Our architect finished the final, much more affordable, design and it was put out to tender. We received and reviewed four quotes in total, but have yet to finalise which of the two best quotes we will take up.

Nunney Church brochure
The Friends of Nunney Church have produced a brochure in support of the Raise the Roof appeal.
Either way we expect to be able to start building work as soon as the last wedding has taken place in September. This gives us seven months or so to finish collecting the remaining money we need.

A very clear exhibition showing the timeline of the roof has been attracting visitors during the year, and an eye-catching leaflet is available for those wishing to know more and to contribute. We also have a new website: nunneyraisetheroof.org.uk.

Although we have had no concerts or other significant events in the last year, we have had a fairly good year in obtaining grants from outside bodies and local pledges.

£10,000 from ‘The Somerset Churches Trust’.
£10,000 from ‘The Wolfson Foundation’ (Through Church Care’)
£20,000 in pledges from villagers for the dormer windows
£10,000 pledge from an anonymous donor
£ 3,500 from ‘Allchurches Trust’

After all our expenses have been taken off we have, at the time of writing, £110,000 cash in hand so the current total available today is about £163,500. I expect this will be increased by the gift aid on the pledges when they come in.

Cost of complete project

Total net construction costs£190,000
Total professional fees£ 12,000
Total estimated project cost£202,000

(VAT is currently 100% reclaimable)

Conclusion: we are about £45,000 short of what we need.

Friends of Nunney Church – Renewal of subscriptions for 2016

Subscriptions are now due and I am enclosing the form to be used for this. We very much hope you will wish to continue to be a part of this project as it moves closer to fruition.

At Nunney Fayre (6 August) we are holding a silent auction in the church – donated items should be given to Mary Lynch-Staunton.

Nunney Church Roof Appeal
An elevation of the planned work provided by the architect
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