Silver Clay Workshop – Make a Pendant

silver workshop

Nunney resident Katie Morriss runs a silver clay workshop for beginners, teaching you how to make a pendant, on Tuesday 20 March at Wells Mill Hub in Frome.

Silver Clay Workshop

Katie Morriss
Katie Morriss
Katie has worked with Metal Clay for over 10 years and is fully qualified to teach. She really enjoys the flexibility of the material, as it is so simple to use, enabling anyone to make beautiful jewellery without years of training as a silversmith.

She also helps to put on creative workshops at The Welsh Mill Hub and so far has introduced, pottery, willow, glass, felting, leather and silver to the creative diary.

On top of that she organises folk sessions and nearing the festive season, she is part of the Nunney Makes Christmas team.

This beginners class is for anyone who is new to working with silver clay and would like to spend an exciting evening experimenting and learning new techniques.

Silver clay is a recycled clay-based substance containing millions of tiny silver particles. When you fire the clay under a torch or in a kiln the clay burns away and you are left with 999.9 pure silver.

One of the great advantages of working in silver clay is that it is relatively easy to continue working at home after the class without a big investment as you don’t need many tools or equipment.

Techniques covered in this class include:

  • Rolling out the clay to a consistent thickness
  • Texturing and cutting out shapes
  • Sanding, polishing and drilling
  • Torch firing and basics of kiln firing
  • Adding multiple layers of clay, and much more…

There is lots of flexibility in terms of design and experimentation. By the end of the day, you should have enough skills to go away and start making things from home.

The workshop takes place is held by Remakery Frome at the Wells Mill Hub in Frome on Tuesday 20 March from 6pm to 9pm.

The workshop costs £65 per person, including materials. You will receive 10g of silver clay, this is enough to make a small pendant.

There will be an opportunity to purchase more should you wish to make more than one item or a larger piece, 10g is £20 to buy.

There will be limitations on firing as the kiln is only small but Katie can always fire and deliver any work at a later date. Everyone will leave with at least one finished piece.

To book your place, go to

Remakery Frome
The Welsh Mill Hub
Park Hill Drive
Somerset BA11 2LE

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