Somerset Mobile Library Service

Somerset Mobile Library

The mobile library bus is back in the Market Place in Nunney on Wednesday 12 December from 3.15pm to 3.35pm.

Somerset Mobile Library

Somerset Mobile Library ServiceThe bus service being what it is today it can be a bind for Nunney residents to get in to the library in Frome.

For many years now Somerset County Council has recognised the problem that all villagers have to get access to a library and so a mobile library has been making a tour of all the villages to provide this service.

The number using it has dwindled, perhaps because not so many people read books or perhaps simply because people don’t know that the service still exists.

The mobile library is in the Market Place in Nunney on a Wednesday 3.15pm to 3.35pm every four weeks.

Books can be kept out for 8 weeks and all books from any County Library can be brought back here. If the service is not used it may lose support from the council – so get reading!

Who can use it?

To use the mobile library service you just need to be a member of Somerset Libraries. You can join by completing a membership form and bringing some proof of your name and current address, such as a recent utility bill or a driving licence. A membership card will be issued to you, which you can use in any Somerset library. If you already have a Somerset library membership card, please show this to the staff.

How do I use it?

You can borrow up to 20 items. Books borrowed from mobile libraries are issued for 8 weeks, but other materials (DVDs, music CDs and talking books) are issued for 4 weeks, that is, one visit and for the standard loan charge. For example, the standard charge for a one-week loan of a DVD in a library will also apply to a 4-week loan of a DVD from a mobile library.

You can renew items online on the LibrariesWest website or by phone via Libraries Direct 0300 123 2224. Alternatively you can show the books to the mobile library driver for renewing and re-stamping.

If you cannot find the book you want ask the mobile library staff for help. You can also use the computer terminal which offers an on-line link to the LibrariesWest website. If the book is not on the mobile a request can be made and a fee is charged for this service.

For information about this service, contact Libraries Direct on 0845 3459177 or visit