SPAR shop plans refused

SPAR shop Nunney
The SPAR shop in Nunney is currently for sale.

Mendip District Council has refused planning permission for change of use to turn the SPAR shop in Nunney into residential apartments.

SPAR shop Nunney
The SPAR shop in Nunney is currently for sale.

The District Council explained:

“If a planning application proposal would result in the loss of a community service or facility planning permission should only be granted if it can be demonstrated that the ongoing and future use of the premises would be unviable.

In this case no evidence has been submitted as to whether or not a community use could continue to be viable from the site.

In addition it has been demonstrated to the Local Planning Authority that there remains interest to retain the premises / site for the existing use and that the relevant community group has sought to acquire the premises at a value which is considered to reflect market conditions.

On this basis the planning application proposal would result in the unnecessary loss of a valued community facility and service, which would reduce the community’s ability to meet its day-to-day needs.

The proposed development therefore fails to accord with the Policy DP17 of the Mendip District Local Plan, Part 1, 2006-2029 and the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The proposal fails to make adequate provision on the site for the parking of vehicles in connection with the residential use as proposed. As such the proposal is contrary to Policies DP9 and DP10 of Mendip District Local Plan Part 1 Strategy and Policies (adopted December 2014), the Somerset County Council Parking Strategy, 2013, and advice contained within the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance.”