The George changes hands

The George at Nunney

The George at Nunney will be closed from Wednesday 10 until noon on Saturday 13 October, when it reopens under new management.

The George at Nunney

Gordon Hedges, who had no prior experience of running a hospitality business, took over The George at Nunney on 16 April 2012.

Since then The George at Nunney has won rave reviews for both the pub and the hotel.

Wadworth Retailer of the Year
Gordon Hedges (centre) repeatedly won Wadworth Retailer of the Year.
Gordon repeatedly won Wadworth Retailer of the Year.

Wadworth has over 240 pubs spread across 600 square miles of the South West of Britain. Wadworth have been brewing beer in Devizes since 1875.

Founded by Henry A Wadworth, the business passed to his founding partner John Smith Bartholomew and is now in the 4th generation of management by the Bartholomew family.

Visit Nunney plans to publish an interview with the new owners, a group of Nunney residents, in the next few weeks.