Village Hall Management Committee minutes for May 2014

Nunney village hall

Here are the minutes of the Nunney Village Hall Management Committee meeting held on 13 May 2014.

Nunney village hall
Present: Roger Bell, Roger Hutchings, David Golby, Allan Koop, Jeremy Gaunt, Chris Ellis, Sue Innes, John Roberts, Lynne Roberts, Jeff Smith, Gill Collins

Apologies: Phil Kemp

Minutes agreed and signed.

Matters arising: none

Treasurer’s report: John said that the hall revenues are ticking over, with the film night bringing in a steady income. We have purchased a microwave and spent money on the extra petanque terrain. Current account stands at £4105.01 and deposit at £7391.76

Bookings: Sue reported that all the usual hall bookings continue, in addition we have a full day’s booking with the euro elections on 22nd May. The Brownies have asked to use the hall again in September and we charge them a nominal fee. Rosemary Mackenzie has booked the hall for September for a barn dance to raise funds for her daughter Holly to attend the Scout Jamboree in Japan next year. She asked the hall how many people can be accommodated and we said about 80 but as they would like a higher attendance she asked if a marquee could be used for food and in this case the numbers would rise to 120. She also asked for a “sponsorship” hire rate. They will be manning their own bar for which we charge £15 for use of the licence and agreed to charge £8 per hour.

100 Club: £25 to number 70 – Mary Grief, £10 to number 12 – Clare Lewis

Film Club: Film on Friday 16th May is Blue Jasmine. Fish and Chips at 6.30 and film to start at the later time of 8pm to take into account the lighter evenings. Film club crew to leave chairs out for Catherine’s party on 17th. Film on 27th June is Invisible Woman 8pm start again.

Village Hall tasks: Roger Bell went through the list of jobs and responsibilities for the hall that committee members can take on. Latterly the chairman has covered the majority of these tasks and it was felt that a job distribution would be fairer. We will provide a hall key for the Parish Council secretary so she can access her filing cabinet.

Tug of war: the NCA are happy to co-ordinate and run the event, August 25th is the date suggested. Prize money of £50 to come out of bar takings, remaining money would go to the hall. Suggested entry price of £1 per head per team of 6, the Hog Roast would be provided by the NCA. Adrie (Visit Nunney) would be happy to promote the event provided we can let him have a “printing fund”. Suggest that the event is advertised around the village.

Wi-fi: it has been suggested that the hall could supply wi-fi for visitors. It was agreed that there is not enough demand and it would cost the hall money.

Pop-up Meal: No contact from the café regarding dates and times, we will put it to one side for the time being.

AOB: Roger Bell has been contacted by a charity organization to ask if they can place a clothing recycling box in the car park. Refused as we do not have the foot fall through the car park to warrant this.
Pia is taking bookings for tables in the hall for Nunney Fair Day. Rosemary and Clive Mackenzie will run the catering in the hall on that day.
David said that a Film Society run as a private club will be held on a Friday, annual subscription of £10 and the films will be shown once a month in the hall – £2 per session. Hall hire will be paid by the subscription plus any return on the film showing will be shared by the Nunney Church Roof Fund and the hall. The Film Society hopes to start in late August/September.
Gill Golby has produced a drawing for inclusion in the advert for the Village Hall in the Postlebury News.
Roger H. asked if the hearing loop in the hall can be switched on, there has been problems with this in the past, it will be tried at the Friday film night.
John and Roger H did the hall maintenance check and said that the strip light in store is not working and tubes in the kitchen are also out. The Players storage area needs to be tidied up and the kitchen smoke alarm is not working again.
Another working party for the garden in needed, Jeff will organize for next month.
Jeff thanked the committee for allowing the mini digger access to a neighbour’s garden and he has been asked if he can arrange it again, all agreed. He also asked on behalf of his neighbour if the hall will run the bar for their wedding reception which will be held in the hall. All agreed date to be advised.

Date of next meeting – June 3rd.