Waste collections over Easter

Nunney Waste Collection

Waste collections in Nunney will take place on Saturday 20 April, since it is Good Friday on the regular collection day.

Nunney Waste CollectionThere are no collections on Easter Monday, so all collections that week are one day later. This means that bins will be emptied on Saturday 27 April instead of on Friday.

The bank holidays on 6 and 27 May mean all collections in those weeks are a day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday.

Check your collections here: https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/collection-day-look-up/

Over Easter, all recycling sites remain on their new summer schedules. Ten sites are open 9am-6pm on Good
Friday, including Frome.

All 16 sites are open 9am-4pm on both Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. Frome recycling centre will be open 9am-6pm on Easter Monday.