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Keith Harrison-Broninski

Nunney resident Keith Harrison-Broninski is Chief Technical Officer of Role Modellers, a Gartner BPM Cool Vendor 2012.

Keith Harrison-Broninski - colour - largeKeith has been regarded as an IT and business thought leader since publication of his 2005 book Human Interactions: The Heart And Soul Of Business Process Managementlink:

  • “a must read for Process Professionals and Systems Analysts alike” (BPM Group)
  • “the next logical step in process-based technology” (Chair of the Workflow Management Coalition);
  • “set to produce the first fundamental advances in personal productivity since the arrival of the spreadsheet” (Information Age);
  • “the breakthrough that changes the rules of business” (Peter Fingar, author of “Business Process Management: The Third Wave”, “Extreme Competition”, etc);
  • “the overarching framework for 21st century business technology” (BP Trends).

Building on 20 years of research and insights from varied disciplines, his theory of Virtual Team Planning provides a new way to describe and support collaborative human work. Keith speaks regularly in keynotes to business, IT and academic audiences at national conferences, most recently in Poland, India, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland and Portugal.

Role Modellers’ mission is to develop understanding and support of human-driven processes – the field that Keith pioneered. Its cloud software product HumanEdj is a unique tool for managing complex, large-scale work across multiple organisations.

Print Publications

  • Keith Harrison-Broninski, “Human Interactions: The Heart and Soul of Business Process Management”, Meghan-Kiffer Press 2005, ISBN 0929652444
  • Keith Harrison-Broninski et al, “In Search Of BPM Excellence”, Meghan-Kiffer Press 2005, ISBN 0929652401
  • Keith Harrison-Broninski et al, “Handbook on Business Process Management 2: Strategic Alignment, Governance, People and Culture”, Springer 2010, ISBN 9783642019814
  • Keith Harrison-Broninski et al, “Social BPM: Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology”, Workflow Management Coalition 2011, ISBN 9780981987088

Online Publications
Keith writes the column Human Processes for and often contributes to sites such as Click herelink for a list of his online publications.

Contact information
Keith Harrison-Broninski
Chief Technical Officer
Role Modellers
14 Horn Street
Somerset BA11 4NP
Email [email protected]
Amazon Books by Keith Harrison-Broninskilink
Web rolemodellers.comlink

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