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Nunney Delamere Choral Society

We would like your help to identify the people in two photos. Both are thought to show members of Nunney choirs in the 1930s.

Nunney Delamere choir

Nunney Delamere choir
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The first photo was taken in the 1930s and shows members of the Nunney Delamere Choral Society.

The Nunney Delamere choir consisted of Nunney residents and performed at concerts and competitions throughout the South West.

Mrs Robert Bateman conducted the mixed choir for many years. She was a staunch supporter of the Mid-Somerset Musical Competitions, held in Bath every year.

The competition consisted mainly of choral classes, with a few for vocal soloists, and attracted choirs from all over the South West. Among the Premier Awards to be won at the contest was the Nunney Delamere Trophy for mixed voice choirs from villages.

The Nunney choir sang at the festival year after year. When Mrs Bateman died in 1923, the festival concert held in the evening after the contest opened the National Anthem followed by For all the Saints in her memory. The hymn was sung by the massed choirs, with one verse being taken by the Nunney Delamere choir alone.

Do you recognise any of the people in the photo?

Nunney Ladies Choir

Nunney Ladies Choir
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Our second photo could be of the Nunney Ladies Choir, a selection of the Nunney Delamere Choir, but we’re not sure.

So far, we’ve believe we have managed to identify Mrs A Coleman, Mrs G Moore, Mrs D Snellgrove, Ms Alice Vince, Mrs Herrington, Mrs Thomas, and Marion Moore holding the shield.

The Nunney Ladies Choir, under its conductor Mrs N.R. Maggs and accompanied by Mr Stanley Bishop, secured 81 and 82 marks in the Open Class for Women’s Choirs in Bath in May 1952. They came first in the class for Women’s Institutes.

Do you know when the photo was taken? Do you have any more names for us? If so, please share your information using the comments form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your help.

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