Bruce Foxton at The George

Bruce Foxton

The Jam‘s bass guitarist and vocalist Bruce Foxton stayed at The George at Nunney after his performance in Frome on Saturday night.

Bruce Foxton

Bruce Foxton
Bruce Foxton (centre) on stage at the Cheese and Grain in Frome
Foxton and legendary guitarist/vocalist Russell Hasting are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the release of their seminal Setting Sons LP with a UK tour.

On Saturday 22 November Bruce Foxton performed with From The Jam at the Cheese and Grain in Frome and enjoyed lunch and dinner at The George at Nunney, where he also spent the night.

Although Foxton is now 59, fans raved on social media about the show’s passion and energy.

Founded in Woking, The Jam had huge chart success with 18 singles and 7 albums to make the UK Top 40 from their debut in 1977 to their break-up in 1982.

Their last 5 albums were all Top 10 hits and their last 8 singles made it into the Top 10.

Although founder members of The Jam Bruce Foxton and Paul Weller are great mates again these days, it has so far proved impossible to stage a full reunion.

Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler had been touring together with From The Jam, but Buckler suddenly left the tour without explanation.

Bruce Foxton has also played with Paul Weller, but Weller has publicly expressed his lack of interest in any type of reformation.

The current drummer in From The Jam is Steve Barnard.

Here is a clip of From The Jam performing Going Underground at the Cheese and Grain in Frome on Saturday 22 November.