Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Community Association on 20 January 2014

Diamond Jubilee Nunney
The 2012 Diamond Jubilee street party was one of many events Catharine Goldsmith helped to organise

These are the minutes of the meeting of the Nunney Community Association held on 20 January 2014 at The George at Nunney.

Diamond Jubilee Nunney
The 2012 Diamond Jubilee street party was organised by the NCA
Attended by:
Simon Forrester (Chair for this meeting), Andy Mason (Treasurer),Lynne Roberts – (Secretary), Max Innes , Jeremy Gaunt, Lara Tatam, John Rider, Emma Murphy, Neil Murphy, Jane Allison and Francis Hayden.

1. Apologies – Ken Lloyd (at ‘new houses’ meeting) Roger Bell (on holiday)
2. Minutes of previous meeting in December were agreed.
3. Matters Arising from minutes:

3.1 Jenny Rawlings– Sadly Jenny lost her long battle against cancer. She will be greatly missed both in a personal capacity and as a member of this committee. The memorial service in the church was well attended and appreciated by all.

3.2 A.G.M. -The NCA will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 17th March on the same evening as the regular monthly meeting. L.R. to arrange nibbles and drink with pub staff. We will discuss the election /re-election of committee members at February meeting.

3.3 Carols in the castle – Well attended and a success. £130 made on refreshments (punch and soup) and £236.68 taken on the gate. Emma suggested hot chocolate for next year instead of soup. Crowding due to roped-off area within castle may be avoided next time. Two separate tables at entrance would help too. Weights to stabilize the gazebo needed, Neil to price up. Carol sheets need re-typing for the future. We discussed lighting up the castle for more evenings at Christmas but agreed it was unfair to ask private individuals to foot the bill. The suggestion that the Carols be a ticket-only event was rejected as bad weather was likely to cause last minute cancellations and refunds would need to be made.

3.4 Books for Nunney school – Emma and Roger delivered to classrooms and the children were pleased with the books.

3.5 Jazz evening Saturday 15th February – Fromage au Feu will play at 7.30pm. Cost -£10 on the door. Lynne offered to be on the door. Posters to be made but not tickets as J.G. did not think necessary. Simon to consult with band about the sound. Francis is to stock and run the bar, with any unused stock bought by Events Horizon. Some wine is already in stock. We discussed how to keep stock from damp and a new plastic box will need to be purchased. Max to put up fairy lights and set out tables at 2pm on Sat as Film Club are using the hall on the Friday evening. Help needed plus clearing up afterwards.

3.6 Play Area – money raised by N.C.A. very gratefully received by Parish Council. A contractor has been found and we await an installation date.

3.7 Inter-Street Quiz – Mike Wells has agreed to be our Quizmaster on 28th March and the village hall is booked.

3.8 The Market Place – Options for the refurbished market square have been put on the Nunney website. Adrie will forward our votes to the Parish Council.

4. Finance – Andy presented and distributed a printed breakdown of current situation. Finances continue to be healthy. The Christmas meal made a loss of £354.35.As we had only 7 non-paying guests; drinks may have been the cause of some of this loss. Next time we resolved to charge wine separately. Owen Hillier is to be given our annual accounts to audit.

5. 100 Club – This month’s winners are – Andrew Brown £20, Sarah Drake £10 and Alan Koop £5. Andy is asking for direct debiting to make collecting subscriptions easier.

6. AOB – Jane asked if the village needed a defibrillator. The matter was discussed at some length. Neil and Emma thought that owning our own would compromise response times by the ambulance from Frome and so the idea was rejected. However, we did discuss St. John’s Ambulance training volunteers in the village who would be ready to act in an emergency.

Jeremy asked to be allowed to run the next two annual Fayre days with the proviso that he is shadowed and that person taking over the following year. This was accepted. Squaring the medieval theme for this coming year with the WW1 exhibition in church, was puzzled over.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Next meeting – Monday 17 February 7.30pm The George.