Nunney Church on BBC Radio Bristol

All Saints Church Nunney
All Saints Church Nunney (photo: John Webb)

Churchwarden Hilary Allom was interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol on Sunday 14 December about bats in Nunney Church.

Lesser horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
This is part of their Sunday morning programme and picks up on recent questions in the House of Commons and reports in newspapers about bats in churches.

Update: The programme is now available online to listen again. Hilary starts at 2:11:00.

Nunney Church has a colony of protected Lesser Horseshoe bats living in the roof of the nave. Moving the colony was the first hurdle in restoring the roof to its former glory.

Now that all required permissions have finally been granted by Natural England and others, a new state-of-the-art bat roost will be constructed before the old roost is removed.

The temporary ceiling tiles placed in the church in the 1950s will be removed at the start of the new year. Four dormer windows that used to flood the church with light will be restored.

At least a further £100,000 is needed to implement even the most basic plan for a new ceiling in the church, however, and the church is likely to look unsightly and be very cold in the meantime.

Nunney First School‘s Hedgehog class is currently also studying bats.

Loop and PA system

Nunney Church of All Saints
The temporary ceiling tiles have become unsightly and are falling down.
A new loop and PA system has just been installed in Nunney Church by Gordon Morris Ltd, hearing specialists. It is going to be dedicated during Mike Walker’s memorial service on Monday 15 December 2pm.

This superb new PA and induction loop hearing system is a gift from Ruth Brooks and the late Mike Walker. It covers the whole of the perimeter of the nave area.

There is a Public Address System with several microphones, and a special microphone which can be placed in various positions, particularly if children are speaking or singing.

The new system is expected to transform services and functions in the church, and those with hearing aids with a loop facility will find they can hear sitting anywhere in the church.

Former churchwarden Mary Lynch-Staunton said: “Words fail me to adequately express our thanks to both our amazingly generous donors, Ruth Brooks and the late Mike Walker, and on behalf of us all I would like to express our profound thanks for a truly magnificent gift.”

English Tourism Week 2015

Nunney Church will also take centre stage during English Tourism Week (14-22 March 2015) in Nunney. After years of fundraising (in fact, almost a century!), work is finally underway to progress to a new ceiling fit for a Grade I listed church that dates back to the 12th century.

The next phase will involve putting the four dormer windows back in. A donation of £5,000 is needed for each of the windows.

In March the next phase will be formally kicked-off by the Raise the Roof Appeal in an effort to raise a further £100,000 for the church roof.