Number plate theft in Horn Street

Horn Street Nunney

Both number plates were stolen off a vehicle parked opposite Rockfield House on Horn Street at the weekend.

Horn Street NunneyThe theft took place at night on a dark and quiet stretch of Horn Street. The vehicle was parked along a wall on the Penny’s Mill side of the road.

The owner, a resident of Horn Street, has informed the police. No other vehicles were targeted.

Number plate theft is a big problem – rates have more than doubled in the last five years and there were at least 40,000 cases last year. Thefts from cars are significantly under-reported.

Of course, one possibility is that the culprits may just be doing it for mindless fun. But it’s just as likely that they have more serious intentions – ones that could affect you directly. Here are some possible motives, and their consequences for you:

  • Speeding – Stolen number plates are often used for storming past speed cameras – and the speeding tickets will of course come to you.
  • Illegal parking – The parking fines will be sent to the apparent owner of the car.
  • Petrol drive-offs – They could also be used for petrol drive-offs. Most of us are aware that these days most petrol stations are fitted with CCTV cameras to minimise petrol theft. That, of course, relies on the number plates being genuine. If your number plates have been stolen, you may find the police knocking on your door.
  • Disguising a stolen car – Making a stolen car look legitimate
  • Avoiding congestion charges – Or rather… having someone else pay them!

Some thieves are particularly clever – they target the number plates they steal, based on the model and colour of the vehicle they’re attached to. They then attach the stolen number plate to a vehicle of the same model and colour – and that makes it much more difficult to prove it wasn’t you.

Number plate manufacturers, DVLA and others have developed a voluntary standard for theft resistant number plates. Plates that meet the standard will resist known attack methods for a minimum of three minutes and can be expected to cost around twice the price of normal plates.

In the meantime, you are advised to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood. If your number plates are stolen, report the theft to the police on the non-emergency telephone number 101.  If a crime is in progress you should dial 999.

If you report your number plates stolen, a marker will be placed against your car registration on the police national computer (PNC). This effectively means any time you go past an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera, the police will be alerted and may stop your vehicle in an attempt to catch the cloned car.

The advice from the police is to make a note of the crime reference number given to you when you report the theft and keep it with you when you are driving. If you are stopped by the police you can then show the crime reference number which will help to identify you as the victim and not the criminal.

If you receive fines or correspondence after the theft, you should return them immediately to the issuing authority with an explanation and any documentary evidence.

Click herelink to go to Postlebury beat’s website and contact the Police Community Support Officers responsible for Nunney.


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