Nunney Area Car Scheme

Nunney Area Car Scheme

David Golby is the coordinator of the Nunney Area Car Scheme, a volunteer driving service run by and for Nunney residents.

Nunney Area Car SchemeThe scheme is open to any resident in the parish of Nunney who is frail, elderly, has any difficulty in using public transport or is in need.

The Nunney Area Car Scheme provides transport for essential journeys that are not covered by existing community or public transport. Essential journeys include:

  • Visits to dentist, doctor, optician, vet
  • Visits to the bank and shops
  • Hospital visiting and hospital appointments (providing a hospital car or ambulance is not available)

Trips are usually only available within a 20 mile radius, and between 8am and 8pm.

How does the scheme work?

  1. The passenger rings the co-ordinator to book a journey. If the answerphone is on, the passenger should leave their name and telephone number. The co-ordinator will ring them back.
  2. The co-ordinator agrees the fare and arranges to ring the passenger back when a driver has been found.
  3. The co-ordinator has a list of available drivers and rings them to see if they will take the passenger to their destination.
  4. The co-0rdinator contacts the passenger to confirm that a driver has been found.

How much will it cost me?

The fare for a return journey when the driver waits for you is:

Nunney to Frome£5.00
Nunney to Shepton Mallet£9.00
Nunney to Wells£12.00
Nunney to Trowbridge£12.00
Nunney to Castle Cary£13.00
Nunney to Glastonbury£15.00
Nunney to Bath£18.00

All other trips will be charged at 45p per mile. These are the return rates when the driver waits for you (up to a maximum of 45 minutes). Waiting times in excess of 45 minutes will be charged at £1 per hour (minimum 50p). Alternatively, another driver may be nominated to collect you.

You are liable for any car parking charges incurred whenever necessary. The Nunney Area Car Scheme is not-profit-making.

  • Please use your community car scheme.You should always book your journey by calling the co-ordinator. Please don’t try to make arrangements directly with the driver.
  • Please give 48 hours notice.
  • The co-ordinator will decide questions of eligibility.
  • Please have the correct money available and put it in the envelope that the driver will provide to you. The driver will also give you a receipt.

Can I volunteer as a driver?

Absolutely! We are always looking for volunteer drivers for the Nunney Area Car Scheme.  This is how it works:

  1. The co-ordinator agree the journey and fare with the passenger.
  2. The co-ordinator contacts you to ask if you are available to drive for the journey.
  3. If you are available, you make a note of the time, destination, passenger name and agreed fare. The co-ordinator will log the booking and driver.
  4. You collect and drive the passenger as agreed. At the end of the trip, you accept payment, complete a receipt and give the receipt to the passenger.
  5. You place the money(s) with a note of the journey(s) in the plastic bag provided and give this to the Nunney Area Car Scheme’s Treasurer, David Golby.
  6. You complete a mileage claim form at 35p per mile, using the claim form provided, and give this to the Treasurer.

When you sign up as a volunteer driver, you will be given an information pack with receipt book, payment slips, envelopes and mileage claim form.

When you are carrying a passenger on a trip booked through the scheme, you are covered by your own car insurance, plus public liability insurance of up to £5 million.

In the event of making a claim on your insurance, your no-claims bonus is also insured by the Nunney Area Car Scheme and will not be affected.

It is considered good practice to inform your insurance company that you will be driving for the scheme as a volunteer and not for hire or reward. Your premium should not be affected.

The Nunney Area Car Scheme is supported by the Countryside Agency, Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council. Funding to set up the Nunney Area Car Scheme has been received from Nunney Parish Council and the Countryside Agency.

Contact information
David Golby
Nunney Area Car Scheme co-ordinator
Telephone 01373 836 105