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The Nunney & District Flower Show takes place in September, but you can get stuck in at any time of year.

Nunney Flower Show
Photo: John Webb
The history of the Nunney & District Flower Show goes back to 1884, when the first show took place. Since then, a lot has changed.

For example, there are no longer categories for ‘best darned socks’, ‘best patch on the arm of a worn garment’ or ‘best item knitted by the wife or daughter of a labourer’.

Yet many of the categories today would still be recognised by Nunney villagers of 130 years ago. Traditional favourites include prizes for homemade cakes and jam, flower arrangements and best vegetables.

That is not to say that the Nunney & District Flower Show hasn’t moved with the times – far from it! There are now also categories for digital photography, designing posters on a computer and topical themes – such as the centenary of the First World War last year.

flower show
The Nunney and District Flower Show has a long and proud history that goes back to the 1890s.

Taking part in the Flower Show is easy and great fun for enthusiasts of all ages. A lot of the categories are for easy to make things that make great (and cheap!) gifts too!

In fact, the Nunney & District Flower Show is probably the biggest (and longest-running!) continuous learning programme in the region. Try your hand at something new at any time of year; if at first you don’t succeed, well… not every attempt makes it to the judging stage but you’ll have fun trying.

Over the coming months Visit Nunney will regularly post practical ‘how to’ videos to help you improve your skills across a wide range of Flower Show categories, from how to take better photos to baking, from growing vegetables to how to present your entry to impress the judges.

Please note that these videos are selected by Visit Nunney and in no way imply an endorsement by the Nunney & District Flower Show committee. We’re simply doing it because it’s fun for all ages to learn new skills!

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