Nunney Neighbourhood Watch


Are you interested in helping to run a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Nunney or do you have concerns that you would like such a scheme to address?

neighbourhood_watch_logoNeighbourhood Watch is a community-based initiative to prevent crime and the opportunity for crime in a locality. The scheme is run by the community with support from the police (but it is not run by them).

A locality can be a street, an estate or a whole village, and each scheme is run by its volunteers one of whom will be its co-ordinator.

Members of the scheme decide on when and how they want to meet, the problems they want to solve and how they can be resolved.

In order to get a scheme – or schemes – running in Nunney the Parish Council first needs to know the issues that concern residents, to gauge local interest, and to find out who wants to be involved on an ongoing basis.

To register your interest and let the Council know you want to be involved, or have concerns that you want to make known, send your name, address, contact details and comments to:

Nunney Parish Clerk
Elm Church
Frome BA11 5DP
Email [email protected]
Telephone 0775 2936 709