Sewer repairs close Nunney roads

Nunney road closure

High Street and Church Street will be closed to all traffic during sewer repair work this week. Bus 161 will not go through the centre of Nunney.

Nunney road closureThe High Street will be closed on 21-22 October to through traffic, with fully signed diversions in place. Church Street is closed 23-25 October.

The road closure is because Wessex Water needs to use 24-tonne lorries with boilers that – once parked in the road – need to stay put for 8-10 hours. The diversion for the High Street is not suitable for heavy traffic.

Wessex Water has promised to keep disruptions and road closures to a minimum. Diversions will be signposted from Monday 21 October. Water supplies will not be affected by the repair work.

Bus services

Whilst the above closure is in place First Group’s bus service 161 will divert from Green Pitts Lane into Catch Lane and will be unable to proceed into the village. Stops at High Street and Dallimore Mead will not be served in either direction.

The diversion will be ended and normal service resumed as soon as the road closures are no longer in place.

For more information please contact First Group’s Customer Services on 0845 602 0156 (Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 7am-6pm) or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 (calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges).

Trenchless technology

Wessex Water will not need to dig trenches to carry out repairs to the sewer. Instead, a new liner will be inserted into the sewer via existing manhole covers.

Trenchless or ‘no-dig’ technology involves repairing our assets without having to dig down and create a trench along troubled sections of pipeline.

It is a quick process which avoids the need for extensive roadworks. Sewers are accessed through small holes and repaired with the help of robots and CCTV equipment.

Liners are inserted into sewers via manholes and are cast into place using water which is heated to a temperature of 90C as part of the hardening process.

The smell of styrene sometimes given off during the process is not harmful and is generally short lived. It is most likely to occur in cellars and other low level rooms where there are vent pipes or inspection chambers.

Should you experience this smell please open any doors and windows to ventilate the area, flush your toilets and run your cold tap for a while.

Further information and a video of the trenchless technology are available at

Contact information
Barry Burtenshaw
Critical Sewers Engineer
Wessex Water
Telephone 01225 524 012