New zip wire for Nunney play area

Zip wire

A zip wire has finally been installed in the children’s play area by the village hall.

zip wire
The new zip wire is next to the village hall.
The zip wire is a joint initiative by Nunney Parish Council.

Work was delayed by several months until agreement was reached on the cost of extra work to level the area. Early reports indicate that some tweaking is required to adjust the slope of the zip wire.

New goal posts were also installed at the end of last year, instigated and paid for by the parish council.

The new zip wire facility is intended for children only, although many adults will be tempted.

It consists of a free-moving pulley suspended on a cable between two posts, with soft rubber matting underneath for safety.

zip wire
The new facility is intended for children only, although many adults will be tempted.
It is located on the slope between the community allotments and the children’s playground on Russells Field, next to Nunney village hall.

The new zip wire costs over £6,000. This is mainly because only government-approved suppliers can be used.

The zip wire meets strict safety guidelines and the posts are set in concrete sunk deep into the ground.

Ian Sanderson is a member of Nunney Parish Council. He said, “This work was instigated by the Parish Council as part of an effort to provide facilities for older children as well as those already in the playground.”

“The parish council sought tenders from suppliers, of which the best offer was from GB Sport & Leisure. Nunney Parish Council agreed to contribute £2,000 of the total cost of £6,510 + VAT. It also approached the NCA which kindly agreed to make up the bulk of the remainder from its funds.”

“The council has also applied for £500 towards to costs from a ‘Health and Well-Being’ fund offered by Somerset County Council and administered by our local councillor Phillip Ham. We have also approached parishioners who raised and donated money towards the Old Quarry Gardens bike track to ask if they would mind transferring that money to this project instead.”

It is hoped that the new zip wire equipment will not fall victim to vandalism; replacing damaged or stolen equipment is a major financial burden to the parish council and community association.

A basket ball hoop installed in Old Quarry Gardens visitor car park and paid for through many hours of hard work by local volunteers lasted just months before being destroyed by children hanging off it.

Zip wireThe contribution from the Nunney Community Association comes largely out of the proceeds of successful Nunney Street Market and Fayres over the past few years.

The zip wire and goal posts are part of a range of initiatives to create new things to do for children of all ages in Nunney.

A children’s play area at Glebelands forms part of plans for a new housing development presented by Barratt Homes earlier this year.

Improved play facilities were in the top 4 key concerns for Nunney residents in a survey conducted by the parish council.