Report bad smells in Nunney

Report bad smells

Are you experiencing bad smells from the nearby asphalt processing plant in Nunney? Report them!

Report bad smellsOver the past weeks Nunney residents have complained of a strong smell, like tar burning, in and around the village.

Mendip District Council‘s Environmental Health officer Rupert Williamson is investigating whether the problem could be related to an asphalt processing plant in Holwell Quarry, along the A361 near Nunney.

If you smell anything unpleasant, please email Rupert at [email protected]. He will email you a record sheet to record each occasion when you smell it.

Parish councillor Francis Hayden said: “Some people complain of smells so bad that they can’t sleep, they get asthma and they have to redo their washing.”

“We would really appreciate the data because only some parts of the village are affected. Nobody has yet worked out what it is about the weather or what is being processed in the plant that causes it.”