Have your say: new look for The George

The George at Nunney

The George at Nunney has invited villagers to share their views on a proposed new colour scheme for the front of the listed building.

The George at Nunney

The George at Nunney
The front of The George at Nunney as it currently looks.

Owner Gordon Hedges said: “As many locals and regular customers know we have been pressing ahead with the exterior renovation of The George at the rear of the building.”

“Before we begin work on the front, we have to pass it by listed building consent, who no doubt will ensure that Nunney residents have no issues with the changes.”

“To that end, we would like to show everyone what we propose to do. We would welcome any comments.”

Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray
The colour scheme has already been applied to this sidewall at The George.
The new colours for the front of the building match the colours used in the bar, lounge and dining areas as well as the guest rooms.

If you want to see the proposed colours as they look on an actual wall at The George, the wall on the left as you walk into the walled garden has been painted using both Farrow & Ball colours.

The George at Nunney

Earlier this month The George at Nunney added a virtual tour of the ground floor and garden to its website, produced in association with Google. You can try it here for yourself:

The proposed colour scheme for the front of The George at Nunney is:

Farrow and Ball Charleston Gray

Window and door frames and highlights:
Farrow and Ball Strong White

Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray (left) and Strong White (right)

Signage and logo:
Cut out acrylic with LED lighting above. It would look similar to this:
Acrylic pub sign

Have your say

If you would like to share your view on the proposals, pop in, go to The George at Nunney’s Facebook page or email [email protected].

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