Agenda for the meeting of Nunney Parish Council on 7 April 2014

parish council

The next meeting of Nunney Parish Council will be held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 7 April 2014 at 7.30pm.


    parish council

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of the Meeting 3rd March 2014 (To approve – all)
  4. Minutes of the Meeting 10th March 2014 (To approve – all)
  5. Matters arising
  6. Clerk’s Report & Items for Interest (To receive details)
  7. Correspondence (To note items received)
  8. Annual Parish Meeting 2014 (To agree the flyer ‒ All)
  9. Byfields Cemetery (To discuss plot fees ‒ Clerk)
  10. Charities of Thos. Harris & Thos. Turner (To discuss ‒ Ken Lloyd)
  11. Insurance (To discuss new suppliers ‒ Clerk)
  12. Neighbourhood Plan (To discuss preparing a plan ‒ Pia McGee)
  13. Old Quarry Gardens (To discuss a maintenance plan ‒ Judith Beresford)
  14. Planning Administration (To discuss possible changes ‒ Francis Hayden)
  15. Proposed Housing Development off Green Pits Lane (To receive an update – Ken Lloyd)
  16. Transparency Code for Parish Councils (To discuss the proposals of the code ‒ Clerk)
  17. Walking Route from the Village Hall to Nunney School (To discuss ‒ Ken Lloyd)
  18. Youth Club (To receive an update ‒ Ian Sanderson)
  19. Finance
    i) Bank signatories (To discuss the number of signatures required ‒ Clerk)
    ii) Accounts for payment (To approve ‒ All)
    ii) Receipts (To note)
  20. Planning (To discuss applications received, to note approvals and other issues ‒ All)
    MDC 2014/0172/TCA Proposed pruning of conifers (reduction in height) at 5 Horn Street.
    MDC 2014/0338/HSE Single storey front extension and two storey side extension at 13 Glebelands.
  21. Rights of Way (To discuss issues related to RoW ‒ All)
  22. Committees and associations (To receive reports)
    i) Village Hall ‒ Jeremy Gaunt
    ii) Nunney School ‒ Freda Hannam
    iii) NCA ‒ Francis Hayden
    iv) Quarry Liaison ‒ Ken Lloyd
  23. Items for next Meeting
  24. Date of next Meeting