Annual Parish Meeting

Nunney Parish Council agenda

Exercise equipment for adults will be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 2 May at 7pm in Dallimore Mead Hall.

The meeting is organised by Nunney Parish Council. As well as a guest speaker, the evening includes an update on what the Parish Council has been discussing in the past year.

The Parish Council is considering buying some outdoor exercise equipment for adults. Guest speaker Beth Johnson will explain the importance of exercise for adults and the use of gym equipment for the “totally terrified”.

Outdoor gyms are springing up all over the UK. They provide obstacles and free, easy to use equipment in public outdoor spaces to help tackle the growing couch potato problem.

Hundreds of outdoor gyms have already been installed in the UK, often near playgrounds so that parents can exercise whilst their kids play.

The low-impact exercise is aimed at people who struggle to find time or money to go to the gym regularly or are new to exercise.

Ken Lloyd, chairman of Nunney Parish Council, will present the Council’s report for 2016-2017 and answer any questions you may have.

The Annual Parish Meeting takes place on Tuesday 2 May at 7pm in Dallimore Mead Hall. Everyone is welcome.