Nunney Parish Council rejects housing plans again

Barratt Homes revised plan Green Pits Lane Nunney
Barratt Homes has appealed against Mendip District Council's decision to reject outline planning permission to build up to 100 houses in Nunney.

Nunney Parish Council has unanimously rejected revised plans to build up to 100 houses at Green Pits Lane.

A letter from the paris council to Mendip’s Planning department sets out the councillors’ objections to the new proposals:

Planning Application 2014/0198/OTS (amended)

Outline planning application for the erection of up to 100 no. dwellings, vehicular access from Green Pits Lane, pedestrian/cycle access from Glebelands, highways improvements, public open space, drainage and associated works as amended by letter, plans and documents 7 May 2014 on Land at Green Pits Lane, Nunney for BDW Trading Ltd.

Nunney Parish Council recommends Refusal of Permission for the reasons detailed below.

Note: The following comments are made with respect to the amended plans/documents, the Council’s detailed objections remain and are as per its earlier response dated 11-3-14.

1. Vehicle Access
The amended plan shows vehicular access to the development from Green Pits Lane at the south of the site around 300m from Nunney Catch roundabout and within the de-restricted (60mph) zone. The junction of Green Pits Lane and the roundabout is already hazardous; lorries using the transport park do not stop as they do not realize they are using a public road between the transport park and the roundabout ‒ it is only by the vigilance of local traffic, which is aware of the problem, that serious accidents are avoided. Accordingly it is believed that the increased vehicle movements created by this development will cause a significant road safety hazard on Green Pits Lane and more specifically at this junction.

2. Pedestrian Access
i) West side. Pedestrian access is shown onto Green Pits Lane close to the bend at the southwest corner of the site. This is a sharp, blind bend on a narrow lane which is within the 60mph zone. It is no longer proposed to increase the width of this section of Green Pits Lane, and no footpaths are planned, so this is a further road safety hazard. FMW Consultancy drawing SK03B suggests that this access point is within the 30mph zone ‒ which is not correct.
ii) North side. Pedestrian and cycle access at the north shows a footpath on the south side of Glebelands running northeast. This is a narrow road, any footpath should not reduce its width further.

3. Flooding
As already advised, this site has historic problems of flooding with surface water run off from it flooding neighbouring properties. The Parish Council is unable to see how the developer can give assurances that its proposed flood mitigation measures will work in the long term, particularly given the impermeable nature of parts of the site; neither does it see how the amended application addresses any of the issues on flooding previously raised.

4. Travel Plan
The Council is unable to see any changes/improvements in the new travel plan.

5. Additional points
i) Access from the south will create a new development that is completely separate to the village; no attempt is being made for its integration and it will be solely a dormitory settlement.
ii) Concerns raised by the Parish Council in its response to the original application have not been addressed by the amended plan.
iii) Neighbours to the site have asked the Parish Council to mention that they are concerned that their hedgerows are shown as being within the development site.

In conclusion, Nunney Parish Council remains unable to see any benefit for Nunney, and indeed thinks that this is an even worse option for the village.”

Nunney residents have until Thursday 12 June to respond to revised plans to build up to 100 houses at Green Pits Lane in Nunney.

Matthew Williams, who is the case officer on Mendip District Council’s Planning team, has confirmed that comments can be submitted until next week, after the original 4 June deadline.

He said that he will in fact take into account any comments received right up to 12 June, the date on which he is due to start his determination – his recommendation to Mendip’s Planning Board.

The amended plans submitted by Barratt Homes include moving vehicle access to the bottom of the site near the Nunney Catch, just off the lorry car park at the southwest end of Green Pits Lane – and away from houses in Glebelands.

Access from Glebelands will be pedestrian and cycle only.

Barratt Homes revised plan Green Pits Lane Nunney

According to a letter from Dan Weaver at Pegasus Group to Mark Williams, Mendip’s case officer handling the Nunney planning application, the revised plans have responded to concerned raised in the following ways:


The access position has now been amended to accord with comments as raised by Somerset County Council. The point of access has been moved to the south and now ensures the western section of Green Pits Lane does not need to be widened.

The previous car access to the north linking Glebelands is now proposed as a cycleway and footway leading north.

Flooding and Drainage

Phoenix Design prepared a rebuttal letter to the Environment Agency (EA) (dated 10 April 2014) in relation to the EA objection Pegasus and Barratt Homes are hoping to reach full agreement that drainage information included is acceptable.


The Geophysical Survey and Trail Trenching Report confirms that there is a low risk of significant archaeological features being encountered and as such, Pegasus and Baratt Homes suggest any condition in relation to further archaeological work is not necessary.

Possible signs of Iron Age land clearing was found to explain the mysterious circle found on the site with specialist equipment and thought to be a possible barrow (roundhouse) or burial mount. A pit with shards of pottery dating to the Roman occupation of Britain (250 AD) was found, as well as a prehistoric flint tool.

In general, however, the trenches revealed little evidence of significant historic activity on the site.

Revised documents

The revised documents are available on Mendip District Council’s website at

If you prefer to see paper copies of the documents, these can be seen at one of the following places:

Between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday at

Mendip District Council Offices
Cannards Grave Road,
Shepton Mallet

On request with a minimum 2 working days notice at Council Access Points (for example, Frome Library). Please contact the Mendip Customer Services on 0300 303 8588 quoting the reference number of the application (2014/0198/OTS).

If you wish to make any comments about the amendments please send them in as soon as possible.

Letters must quote the application reference 2014/0198/OTS – Green Pits Lane Nunney Somerset BA11.

Please send your letter to:

Planning Board
Attn.: Matthew Williams, Case Officer
Mendip District Council
Cannards Grave Road
Shepton Mallet

Telephone 0300 303 8588

If there are other people who you think may be interested in these amendments please show tell them about it. They do not need a separate letter before writing in.

It is helpful if you quote reference number 2014/0198/OTS in any correspondence you send.

We have downloaded the revised documents to make them easier for you to access.

  1. Correspondence 2014-04-10 RESPONSE TO EA OBJECTION (REF WX-2014-125520-01-L01)
  2. 2014_0198_OTS-31538.2V1___REPONSE_TO_EHO_COMMENTS-132155
  3. Report FMW1309 – TA ADDENDUM (01-05-14)
  4. Correspondence LETTER TO MDC 02.05.14
  6. 2014_0198_OTS-REVISED_BARA2008_DEVELOPMENT_CONCEPT_PLAN_07.05.2014-132159
  7. 2014_0198_OTS-REVISED_BARA2008_3203_CONCEPT_MASTER_PLAN_FINAL_07.05.2014-132160
  8. Report REVISED FMW1309 TRAVEL PLAN REVISION_B (01-05-14) 07.05.2014
  9. 2014_0198_OTS-REVISED_GL0159_-_09A_OPEN_SPACE_SKETCH_SCHEME_07.05.2014-132162
  10. 2014_0198_OTS-REVISED_LVA_PART_1_-_TEXT_07.05.2014-132163
  11. 2014_0198_OTS-REVISED_LVA_PART_2_-_FIGURES_07.05.2014-132164
  12. REVISED LVA PART 3 – APPENDICES 07.05.2014