Household Recycling and Refuse Collections

Nunney Waste Collection

Mendip District Council and Somerset Waste Partnership run a range of waste collection and recycling services.


Collection Day for refuse, recycling and garden waste

Confirm your collection days

The usual collection day in Nunney is Friday. Recycling is collected every week; the large bins are emptied every other week.

Collection days for the large bins in 2014 are:

04 January 2014 *
17 January 2014
31 January 2014
14 February 2014
28 February 2014
14 March 2014
28 March 2014
11 April 2014
26 April 2014 *
10 May 2014 *
23 May 2014
06 June 2014

* indicates a change from the normal Friday due to Bank Holidays.

Missed a collection?

Refuse, recycling or food waste must be put out for collection by 7am on the correct day. If it has been missed, it will be collected within two working days after you have reported it to us. Report a missed collection under ‘Apply for this Service’.


This is the weekly kerbside recycling collection allowing a range of items to be collected from the kerbside at your home. Two boxes are provided for weekly recycling collections, which are emptied by the same vehicle and at the same time as food waste. Please keep different materials grouped and separate in boxes to help collectors quickly sort them into compartments on collection vehicles. Cans and plastic bottles can be mixed, as these are mechanically sorted at collection depots. It also helps to put materials in the two boxes split as listed below. One box can be used for smaller amounts if preferred.

BOX 1 (normally green)

Paper – newspapers, magazines, leaflets, directories, white envelopes (no need to remove windows) and other white paper.

Glass bottles and jars – rinsed and unbroken (no table or cook ware).

Foil – please bag, aluminium foil only and not if plastic or paper backed (check with the scrunch test; scrunch up and if stays squashed together it can be recycled as foil).

BOX 2 (normally black)

Food and drink cans – rinsed and squashed if possible; no need to remove labels; please place loose lids inside squashed tins; we take large food tins for biscuits and sweets too, but not other metal items at kerbside (recycle these at recycling sites).

Aerosols – only recycle empty, used up aerosols; do not attempt to pierce or squash them; if you can, remove the plastic cap and nozzle.

Plastic bottlesno topsplease rinse, especially milk bottles; no pots, tubs, trays or filmplease also exclude bottles that have contained garden or DIY chemicals or engine oil.

Cardboard – brown corrugated, grey card, greetings cards and brown envelopes; please flatten; small bits of card can be put into larger cardboard boxes and put in your recycling box or alongside; large quantities of card (more than the equivalent of two recycling boxes when flattened) should be taken to a recycling site and may not be collected at the kerbside.


Textiles – clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, curtains and covers are all accepted, but not stuffed items, such as duvets, pillows and quilts; put out in bags (not black sacks) to keep dry (also avoid putting out on wet days) and please label ‘textiles’.

Shoes – tied in pairs and bagged.

Car batteries – one per collection.

Extra materials that will not fit in your collection boxes can be left alongside and it is best to use a carrier bag or similar. Please do not use black bags as these may be mistaken for rubbish. If you regularly have extra materials, please contact your local customer services to ask for an additional box to be supplied.

Lids are not supplied with recycling boxes but lids or covers can be purchased if wanted


Recycling centres

Recycling Centres are run and funded by Somerset County Council.

Household waste recycling centres

Garden waste collection

All households across Mendip are able to join the garden waste service

Find out more about our garden waste service

Assisted collection

An assisted collection service is available to customers who are physically unable to place their refuse bags or bins at the kerbside and who currently have no other assistance available.

Apply for assisted collection under ‘Apply for this Service’.

Clinical waste collection

A free weekly clinical waste collection is available to private households.

Clinical waste collection

Bulky waste collection

The Somerset Waste Partnership operates a bulky waste collection service for household items. There is a charge of £38.15 for up to three items and then £8.35 for each extra item payable prior to collection. There is a limit of five items that can be collected per visit.

The bulky waste collection service includes fridges/freezers, cookers, tables, chairs, three-piece suites, beds, wardrobes and other similar items. Items such as rubble/radiators/kitchen cupboards are classified as builder’s waste and will therefore not be collected.

To request a bulky waste collection, please contact customer services on 01749 648999.

Bad weather

If there is bad weather affecting the district further information is available at:

Bad weather

Asbestos disposal

Domestic asbestos waste must be treated as hazardous waste and as such needs to be handled carefully.

Asbestos collection

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste such as paints, batteries, oils, television sets and asbestos, must be disposed of at properly managed waste facilities.

Hazardous waste

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