Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Nunney Parish Council 14 January 2014

Glebe land Nunney
Housing development has previously been suggested for these glebe lands near Nunney Catch.

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Tuesday 14 January 2014 at 6.30pm.

Glebe land Nunney
Housing development has previously been suggested for these glebe lands near Nunney Catch.

Present: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Capstick-Dale, Hannam; Messrs Allom, Gaunt, Hayden, Masters, Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: County Cllr Philip Ham; District Councillor Gloria Cawood; Nina Richards (Housing Development Officer, MDC); members of the public x30.

For Barratt Homes: Andrew Smith (Director, Conversation PR), Chris Dolling (Design and Planning Manager, Barratt Homes Bristol), Daniel Weaver (Planning Director, Pegasus Homes).

  1. Apologies for absence ‒ Judith Beresford, Sue Ellis, Pia McGee.

    The Chairman welcomed everyone and gave an introduction to the meeting; he explained how the diocese has come to offer land for housing development and gave details of the public consultation to be held by the developer in the village 22-1-14.

  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Presentation from Barratt Homes regarding proposals for housing / affordable housing and associated facilities on glebe land off Nunney Catch.

    The team from Barratt’s gave a presentation on aspects of the project and their plans to obtain outline planning permission for the 3.5 hectare glebe field off Nunney Catch.

    The presentation included: details about Barratt’s and their completed local projects; information about the site, its location and the opportunity it presents to provide around 100 dwellings, including the delivery of up to 30 affordable homes (30% of the planning application); the outline layout of the development including access roads, development road layout, play facilities, water attenuation area (for flood alleviation). Copies of the slides from the presentation were available for Members of the Parish Council and some remaining were passed to others present.

    Questions were asked by Parish, District and County Councillors. Subjects covered included: traffic flow; sewage disposal and capacity of the local treatment works; surface water run-off; alternative energy; Section 106.

    During these discussions it was noted that only outline planning (13 weeks) is being submitted at this stage, all other matters reserved. If outline planning is granted, building might commence late 2014 / early 2015, construction on the site would be expected to last around two and a half years.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

The meeting concluded at 7.25pm.