Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council on 3 February 2014

Flowerfield Nunney

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall Monday 3 February 2014 at 7.30pm.

Flowerfield NunneyPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam; Messrs Gaunt, Hayden, Masters (part), Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: Members of the public (x24).

The Chairman welcomed members of the public, the majority being in attendance in respect of the “proposed housing development off Nunney Catch”. He introduced the Parish Council and outlined the format for the Meeting. He explained that there was nothing new to report since the meeting in January, but if anyone wanted to make representations to the Council this would be accepted.

  1. Apologies for absence ‒ Pia McGee (work commitments); Anthony Allom (unwell)
  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 6 January 2014
    These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council 14 January 2014
    These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  5. Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council 21st January 2014
    These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  6. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.It was agreed to bring forward Item 13 “Proposed housing development off Nunney Catch”.
  7. Proposed Housing Development off Nunney Catch (was Agenda item 13)
    Members of the public were invited to speak and seven (7) made representations to the Council.Mr Masters arrived.Mr Hayden gave a résumé on the history of the provision of affordable housing for Nunney. Members of the public raised issues primarily concerning increased traffic, with the school bus service also being mentioned. The Chairman advised that comments  (flooding, traffic and sewerage) had already been made to the developer. He further explained that the Council cannot form a view on the proposal until it has seen the formal plans; he advised that when these are available a further Meeting will be arranged allowing residents to make their views known to the Council. Members of the public (x17) left the Meeting.
  8. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
    Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 6-1-14.
    Burial Ground
    i) Car park. The Clerk updated Councillors on the cleaning of the car park. It was noted that power-washing has not been completed and the Clerk was asked to progress this with the contractor.
    ii) The Clerk spent two hours clearing and tidying.
    iii) Blocked drain on Ridgeway Lane outside the burial ground reported to Highways. iv) During the recent rainy weather it was noted that the lower part of the burial ground had flooded, primarily due to surface water run-off from the fields.
    Obscured street lights on Catch Road and Berry Hill reported to Highways.
    Aerial runway On order; installation is expected to be in late-February. Richard Masters will try to remove the old goal post beforehand. Action; RM.
    CAB ‒ The mobile advice unit is expected to start its rounds in February; Cllrs Allom & Gaunt have volunteered as drivers.
    Mendip Rocks! Framework ‒ In the event Francis Hayden did not attend.
    Update of Standing Orders ‒ On Clerk’s “to do” list.
    Items for interest on SUDS and “land-grab” were circulated with the Agenda.
  9. Correspondence – noted.
    Rural Services Network (by email) ‒ Enewsletters forwarded as available.
    Avon & Somerset Police (by email, forwarded by SC-D) ‒ Details of two local incidents. Date for next liaison meeting is Wednesday 12th February at Frome Police Station ‒ Sheelagh Capstick-Dale will attend.
    The Mendip Society ‒ Programme for Dec 2013-April 2014 ‒ see www.mendipsociety.org.uk.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Link to the Standards Committee Agenda for 28-2-14.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Request for information for the gypsy and traveller count 16-1-14. Clerk has replied ‒ none in Nunney at date.
    NALC ‒ Details of a Localism Conference 26-3-14 in London.
    Mendip in Bloom ‒ This will not take place this year. Entries have been poor and there are not enough members on the organizing committee to take it forward.
    RoSPA (by email) ‒ Services and training brochures.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Parishes Information Bulletin.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Calendar of public meetings for 2014-15.
    SCC Highways ‒ Temporary road closure notice for A359 at Quaperlake Road, Bruton from 24-2-14 for 32 days to enable drainage works to be completed.
    MDC (by email) ‒ Request for verification of War Memorial information held for Nunney. Details checked with PCC and reply sent.
    SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Members Information Sheet on County Council’s Fairer Funding for Somerset campaign.
    MDC (by email) ‒ Request for copy of any parish/neighbourhood or other “local” plan.
  10. Allotment fees for 2014-2015
    After discussions it was decided to ask the Allotment Committee for their opinion on the annual fee, and whether there should be a different fee according to plot size. Action: Clerk.
  11. Annual Parish Meeting 2014
    It was suggested that a landscape architect (one or more) be invited to speak at the Meeting to provide ideas for the Market Place and this was agreed. Suggestions needed. Action: All.
  12. Internal Auditor for 2013-14
    John Horsey is prepared to carry out the audit again this year, his fee remains £80. Proposed Mr Lloyd, seconded Mr Gaunt and agreed unanimously.
  13. Market Place
    The bus shelter has been removed.
  14. Recreational Facilities
    Playground equipment. Details of a replacement for the daisy spring and quote from GB Sport & Leisure (£924 + VAT) was circulated to Councillors with the Agenda. This was discussed and accepted. It was agreed to apply for £500.00 from Cllr Ham’s “Health and Well-Being fund” towards it Action: Clerk.
  15. Finance
    i)   Q3 Accounts. These were agreed as a true record and approved unanimously.
    ii) Accounts for Payment:
    Cheque 1245 ‒ £400.90    Beverley Palmer (Salary for Jan & admin costs £38.30)
    Cheque 1246 ‒ £  45.51    Aster (Hire of hall 7-10/4-11/2-12 2013)
    iii) Receipts:
    £   1.19       Bank interest (Dec 2013)
  16. 16.         Planning Applications
    HSE ‒ Householder Application; LBC ‒ Listed Building Consent; FUL ‒ Full Application.

    MDC 2013/2478/HSE & 2013/2479/LBD Rebuild two chimneys (existing) in stone to match the existing cottage, erect a new chimney (previously dismantled) in stone to match the existing cottage; repair or replace as appropriate rotten timber within the cottage roof, install a new membrane and roof baton, re seat tiles and replace broken tiles where necessary; form a new opening to allow access within the boundary and to create new parking area, requiring the removal of one tree, and move foot access within the boundary to allow access to the footpath at The Old Cottage, Donkey Lane for Mr & Mrs Andrew Taylor. No objections to either application.
    MDC 2013/2554/FUL Proposed renovation and conversion of outbuilding to dwelling at Tinsmiths, Hillview, Ridgeway for Mrs Jane Hollis. A member of the public raised concerns over access and sewerage discharge. It was noted that detailed plans were not provided. Discussions took place and it was agreed that overall improving this derelict building is a good idea. Accordingly, it was agreed that “in principal” that there were no objections.
    MDC 2013/2606/HSE Proposal to complete a full refurbishment of Nunney Court to include the replacement of one window, two new bathrooms and a new dormer on the loft at Nunney Court for Mr Taylor. No objections.
    SCC 2014/0073/CNT Installation of liquefied natural gas storage and ancillary operating equipment at Coleman’s Quarry, Holwell for Aggregate Industries Ltd. No objections.

    Members of the public (x3) left the meeting.

    Comments invited:
    MDC 2013/1244 Additional information submitted as part of the environmental statement for the erection of four wind turbines with max blade tip height 80m, substation and associated works on land adjacent to Torr Works for Aggregate Industries. Noted, but it was agreed there were “no additional comments”.

  17. Rights of Way
    The footpath along the brook from the sewage works to Keepers Cottage is obstructed by several fallen trees; there is also a tree across the track from Donkey Lane. It was noted that this is a MDC published walk, with its kissing gates allowing use by less-able walkers. Mr Masters will see what can be done regarding clearance. Action: RM.
  18. Reports from Committees and Associations
    i)     Village Hall – NPC representative: Mrs Capstick-Dale has resigned; Mr Gaunt will take over pro tem.
    ii)   Nunney School – The provision of a defibrillator was discussed.
    iii) NCA – Upcoming quiz.
    iv) NunneyChurch ‒ The PCC want to provide a tree at the OQG to commemorate Owen Hillier’s service. This was agreed, but the PCC to be asked to consult the Council on what it is to be and where it will be planted.
  19. Items for Next Meeting
    War Memorial (KL); Old Quarry Gardens (JB); Youth Club (IS).
  20. Date of Next Meeting:
    3 March 2014 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 9.00pm