Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council on 7 July 2014

Nunney Parish Council minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 7 July 2014.

Nunney Parish Council minutesPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Judith Beresford, Sue Ellis, Pia McGee (part), Freda Hannam; Anthony Allom, Jeremy Gaunt, Francis Hayden, Richard Masters. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk); Gloria Cawood, Mendip District Councillor (part).

Present with respect to Item 5: John Penny and Simon Evans for Aggregate Industries; Rupert Williamson, Environmental Officer, MDC

In attendance: Members of the public x 10.

  1. Apologies for absence
    Apologies from Sheelagh Capstick-Dale (holiday).
  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 2nd June 2014
    Agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Matters arising therefrom – None.
  5. Quarry issues
    The Chairman introduced the visitors from Aggregate Industries and MDC and explained that they were present to discuss the ongoing problems that Nunney (also Holwell and Cloford) are suffering from a tarmac-type smell apparently emanating from Coleman’s Quarry.

    John Penny gave an explanation of the site including its planning consents, what it does (asphalt production and sales) and the working hours. Simon Evans then explained the asphalt process and the materials used.

    Pia Mc Gee arrived.

    Members of the public made a number of complaints; ongoing smells, early morning noise and an unacceptable taste in the air were some of the issues mentioned. Aggregate’s explained that road planings are tested for coal tar prior to being combined into the asphalt process but they cannot be cleaned of general road spoil (such as rubber and oil).

    Cllr Gloria Cawood arrived.

    Lengthy discussions took place; subjects discussed included plant throughput, adding deodorizer to the flue gasses, increasing the chimney stack height, air particulate tests, collating data on throughput by batch type and odour problem. After thirty minutes, no solution or actions having been agreed, the Chairman called a halt to discussions.

    Messers Penny, Evans and Williamson left the Meeting.

    The Chairman invited Cllr Cawood to speak. She explained that the planning is a problem and asked that the PC encourage everyone eligible to register to vote.

    Members of the public x3 left the Meeting.

  6. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
    Letters, emails etc – As directed at the Meeting 2-6-14.
    Allotments ‒ Update on fencing awaited from Allotments Committee.
    Annual Return and Accounts for 2013-14 ‒ Annual Return and supporting statements submitted.
    BBC Somerset ‒ Call regarding protest signs at Nunney Catch; referred to Chairman.
    Bike track details of the planning application forwarded to Gary Dando.
    Broadband ‒ Details from a meeting at Wanstrow about upgrades circulated by Mr Allom.
    Dipping Place ‒ Acknowledgement of Council’s letter regarding the shed.
    Housing on land off Green Pits Lane ‒ This will not now go to the Planning Board in July.
    Playground ‒ Order placed for repairs to swings.
    Rural Local Sounding Board ‒ Anthony Allom will join on behalf of NPC.
    Solar Farms are proposed at Court Farm, West Woodlands and on land south of A361 at Holwell Hill.
  7. Correspondence – noted.
    Rural Service Network ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    Plunkett Foundation ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    MDC (by email x2, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to comment on Neighbourhood Plan Area Applications made by Wanstrow (subsequently withdrawn), Croscombe and Evercreech parish councils. No comments.
    TSB ‒ Notification of the intention of Lloyds Banking Group to offer shares in TSB Banking Group plc.
    Hastoe Group ‒ Notification that a two bedroom house has become available on Pookfield Close.
    SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of SCC’s reduction in funding to AONBs.
    Somerset Highways ‒ Temporary road closure notice for Quaperlake Street, Bruton from 4th August for 36 days to allow structural maintenance and drainage works.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Parishes Information Bulletin June 2014.
    SCC ‒ Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. Summary in the Reading File or view online at www.somersetintelligence.org.uk/jsnal.
    The Wildlife Trust ‒ Request support towards the barn owl project. Not agreed.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of the new Green Deal package.
    SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Rural Housing Policy Review: questionnaire to establish why parish councils do/don’t engage in the delivery of rural affordable housing. No comment.
    Frome Town Council (by email x2, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to comment on the plan to buy the Social Service’s building on Christchurch Street West. No comment.
    SALC ((by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Notification that the new “Governance and Accountability (England) ‒ Practitioners Guide 2014” has been published.
    SPFA (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details and entry for the field and volunteer of the year awards.
    Localworks.org (by email, forwarded to Councillors ‒ Request to submit a proposal to the government under the Sustainable Communities Act to allow parish and town council to sell electricity from local power generation schemes. It was agreed that NPC supports the right for parish and town councils to sell electricity generated from local schemes and the Clerk was asked to respond.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details for Mendip Rural Forum on to held on 21st July.
    David Heath MP ‒ David Heath will be in the Market Place at 1450hrs on 31st July 2014.
  8. To Co-opt a Councillor
    The Chairman explained that following two withdrawals there is now just one applicant, Lisa Ramsay. Anthony Allom proposed she be co-opted to the Parish Council, seconded Judith Beresford and agreed unanimously.

    Cllr Cawood left the meeting.

  9. Defibrillator
    Richard Masters said he will discuss with the ambulance services whether a local defibrillator is appropriate for Nunney; the Clerk will investigate grants. Action: RM; Clerk.
  10. Market Place
    The Chairman explained that there had been a disappointing turn-out for the public consultation and just 15 people had made comments which he will analyse for discussion at the next meeting.
  11. Mendip District Council Local Plan
    Following the public examination Mendip Local Plan has been updated (details were circulated prior to this Meeting). The main issue is the inspector’s recommendation that housing numbers in the Plan should be regarded as “minima” and this was discussed at length. The Clerk asked seek clarification on how Mendip expects to use/apply this.
  12. Recreational Facilities
    i) Tractor Spring. Quote from GB Sport & Leisure for £875.00 + VAT was accepted.
    ii) Aerial Runway. Expected to be completed shortly.
    iii) Playground gates. Quote from GB Sport & Leisure for £490.00 + VAT for repairs to the gates which includes replacing all the hinges was discussed and accepted.
  13. Walking Route from Village Hall to School
    Residents of Dallimore Mead asked to be consulted before plans are made and this was agreed. The Clerk advised that she is meeting the Footpath Warden to look at the route.
  14. Finance
    £1,500 transferred to the current account 2-6-14.

    i) Accounts for Payment:
    Cheque 1267 ‒ £ 15.17 Aster (Hire of hall 7-4-14)
    Cheque 1268 ‒ £436.78 Beverley Palmer (Salary June 2014 & admin costs £74.18)
    Cheque 1269 ‒ £292.40 HMR&C (Clerk’s tax for April-June 2014)
    Cheque 1270 ‒ £368.70 Parsons Landscapes Ltd (Grass cutting/weeding June 2014)

    ii) Receipts:
    £ 2.11 Bank interest (May 2014)
    £155.00 James Long Masons Ltd (Memorial – Roland Buchan)
    £827.43 HMR&C (Refund of VAT paid in 2013-14)

  15. Planning

    MDC 2014/0896/TCA Proposed pruning of five trees in a Conservation Area at Rockfield House, Horn Street for Henry Pomeroy. Noted.
    MDC 2014/1126/HSE Erection of single storey car port at 1 High Street for Paul Holdaway. This was discussed and it was agreed there were “no objections”.

    MDC 2014/0507/HSE Grant of planning permission for external works to the front, rear and south side of house and garden at The Rodings, Castle Hill for Mr & Mrs Chodan.
    MDC 2014/0172 TPO not required for proposed pruning of conifers at 5 Horn Street for Richard Hulley.
    MDC 2014/0068/APP Approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (materials), 4 (samples), 5 (joinery), 6 (rainwater goods) on LBC 2012/0166 at Garden Cottage, Church Street to Combe Farm for Mr & Mrs R Walker.

    MDC 2013/1686 Refuse outline planning permission for 2 no detached dwellings (all matters reserved for consideration) at Nunney Catch Café, Nunney Catch for Mr S Reid. Reasons for refusal include: the location would not provide an acceptable level of residential amenity and if built would result in a loss of parking for customers visiting the café.

    MDC 2013/2478/HSE and 2013/2479/LBC Various works to chimneys, roof and boundary wall at Nunney Court, Donkey Lane.

  16. Rights of Way ‒ Nil.
  17. Reports from Committees and Associations
    i) Village Hall – The outside of the Hall is to be repainted.
    ii) Nunney School – The school will reduce to two classes.
    iii) NCA – Street Fayre on 2nd August. Mr Gaunt was asked to make the NCA aware that the storage shed at Old Quarry Gardens is in need of repainting.
    iv) Police ‒ Mrs Capstick-Dale attended the recent liaison meeting; she will up date Members at the next Meeting.
  18. Items for Next Meeting
    Church (AA); Q1 accounts (Clerk); Nunney Brook (KL).
  19. Date of Next Meeting ‒ 4th August 2014 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.