Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council on 6 January 2014

Nunney Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 6 January 2014 at 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish CouncilPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam, McGee (part); Messrs Allom, Gaunt, Hayden (part), Masters (part), Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: Cllr Philip Ham; members of the public x3 (part).

  1. Apologies for absence – Judith Beresford.
  2. Declarations of Interest – Ian Sanderson declared a personal interest in respect of Item 8 – he is a plot holder.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 2 December 2013
    These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman. Francis Hayden arrived.
  4. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.
    Members of the public being present in respect of planning applications only the Chairman suggested bringing this item forward and this was agreed.
  5. Planning Applications (was Agenda Item 14)
  • MDC 2013/1957 Demolition of existing dwelling house and ancillary buildings, erection of 10 dwellings with associated highways and landscaping works at Hillcrest, Ridgeway Lane for Ms K Toon. Objections were received from members of the public. Councillors compared this against the earlier application 2012/1001 which was refused and noted the changes: an additional five on-site parking spaces; surface water soak away; public open space.Richard Masters and Pia McGee arrived.The Council noted its objections application 2012/1001 and discussions took place. It was unanimously agreed to recommend refusal of the application for the same reasons previously recorded. Members of the public left the meeting.
  • MDC 2013/1686 2 no detached dwellings (all matters reserved for future consideration) at Nunney Catch Café, Nunney Catch. No objections.
  • Application for confirmation of compliance of all conditions (x2) relating to planning application 102802/011 and 102802/012 at Springfield House, Frome Road. Noted.
  1. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
  • Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 2-12-13.
  • Bench at Dallimore Mead – Refurbishment pending.
  • Insurance – Council’s insurance schedule is being updated to include the new goals.
  • Burial Ground
    i) Request from an ex- Nunney resident to purchase a burial plot; the Clerk provided information and a cheque has now been received.
    ii) Car park to be power-washed w/c 6-1-14 (subject to weather).
  • Affordable housing – The Chairman explained that the diocese are progressing the sale of glebe land off Nunney Catch to Barratt Homes. He advised that an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council would be held on 14th January to receive information from the developer regarding their outline plans. It was agreed to distribute a flyer to residents in the immediate vicinity of the land inviting them to this Meeting. A public consultation will be held in the village on 22nd January.
  • Articles for interest x4 copied to Councillors with the Agenda – Information on “dog laws”; features on “locals” generating their own power x2; article regarding solar and turbine plans for Mendip.
  1. Correspondence – noted.
  • Rural Services Network (by email) – Enewsletters forwarded as available.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – New Model Standing Orders received. The Clerk and Chairman will review Nunney’s.
  • SALC – Notification that the “Cheques Legislative Reform Order” has been laid before Parliament – this is the first stage that may allow councils to legally start using electronic payment methods.
  • SALC – Details that the new website (www.somerset-alc.org.uk) is live and login details for access to the “members only” area.
  • Avon & Somerset Police (by email, forwarded by SC-D) – Details of two incidents of theft of farm/equestrian equipment.
  • Bristol Water Update on Cheddar Reservoir Two; following consultations the final proposals can be viewed at www.cheddar-reservoir-two.co.uk.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Link to the Standards Committee Agenda.
  • Somerset Hedge Group – Details of a photographic competition forwarded to Councillors and other Nunney associations.
  • Connecting Devon & Somerset (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Update on superfast broadband project.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) – Funded by the lottery on a two-year basis CAB are offering 10 villages in Mendip, including Nunney, visits from a mobile advice unit. It was agreed that Nunney ask for the unit to visit to coincide with the post office being open, and that it should park in the Market Place.
  • SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Information that the SID could not be installed at Flowerfield in early November due to shortage of devices. SID results for Frome Road Nov/Dec 2013. Dates of next installation are w/c 3-3-14 Flowerfield & 17-3-14 Frome Road.
  • MDC (by email x2, forwarded to Councillors) – Notification that the Mendip Local Plan Part 1: Strategy and Policies has been formally submitted for examination. Documents can be viewed online at www.mendip.gov.uk/localplanexamination.
  • NALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Update of their meeting with the cabinet Local Government Minister to discuss “Council Tax Benefit Support Grants”.
  • SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Details of a Mendip Rocks! Framework event to be held 25-1-14; Francis Hayden will attend.
  • CCS (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Call for volunteers to become a trustee of Bridgwater Education Trust.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Update on “Local Choices Round 3”.
  • SALC – Briefing document on possible changes to VAT rules affecting Village Halls.
  • Somerset RCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Details of their campaign to help Somerset’s vulnerable elderly survive the winter.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) – Details of Nunney’s tax base for 2014-15 and information on the Council Tax Support Grant that will be paid. See Item 11.

  • Somerset activity Sports Partnership (by email)Request for a donation towards providing disability bowling facilities in Somerset. The Parish Council is unable to help, but the Clerk was asked to see if the Village Hall have any equipment available.
  1. Allotment fees for 2014-2015 This was discussed, but no decision was reached. Carry forward to February.
  2. Market Place

    i)    Bus shelter. Removal of live cable completed. Mr Masters offered to remove the structure. Action:RM.

    ii)   Plan to improve the Market Place were discussed. Mr Allom suggested this as a subject for  Annual Parish Meeting; Agenda item for February.
  3. Recreational Facilities

    i) Aerial runway (zip wire). The Clerk confirmed that the money held for the bike track can be used towards the runway leaving a shortfall of £86, which it was agreed the Council will provide. Anthony Allom proposed proceeding with the runway, seconded Ian Sanderson and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk to place order.

    ii) Playground equipment. It was agreed to progress replacement of the daisy spring. Cllr Ham’s provided details of his “Health and Well-Being fund” and it was agreed to apply for a grant.
    Action: Clerk.
  4. Precept 2014-2015 Draft 2, circulated with the Agenda, was discussed. The Clerk advised that a Community Levy grant will be paid again in 2014-15. Accordingly she suggested that the precept should not increase for 2014-15. Zero increase was proposed Pia McGee, seconded Sue Ellis and resolved.
  5. Youth Club Mr Sanderson advised that he will progress this as soon as he can.
  6. Finance

    i) Accounts for Payment:

    Cheque 1243 – £271.80
    HMR&C (Clerk’s tax Oct – Dec 2013 inc)

    Cheque 1244 – £386.19
    Beverley Palmer (Salary for Dec & admin costs £23.59)

    ii) Receipts:

    £    1.57     Bank interest (Nov 2013)
    £182.00     G & J Parker (ERB at Byfields Cemetery)

  7. Rights of Way – Nil.
  8. Reports from Committees and Associations

    i)    Village Hall – nil.

    ii)   Nunney School – nil.

    iii) NCA – Successful carols in the castle event; Fromage en Feu 15-1-14.

    iv) Nunney Church – Nil.
  9. Items for Next Meeting
    To agree the details for the Annual Parish Meeting (All).
  10. Date of Next Meeting:

    Extraordinary Meeting Tuesday 14 January 2014 at 6.30pm.

    Monthly Meeting Monday, 3
    February 2014 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 9.05pm