Minutes of Nunney Parish Council 6 October 2014

Nunney Parish Council

These are the minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 6 October 2014 at 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish CouncilPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam, Ramsay; Messrs Allom, Gaunt, Hayden, Masters (part).

Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk); Philip Ham (Somerset County Councillor); Gloria Cawood (Mendip District Councillor).

In attendance: Members of the public x7 (some for only part).

  1. Apologies for absence
    Apologies from Pia McGee (unwell).
  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 1st September 2014
    Agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.Cllr Cawood arrived.
  4. Matters arising therefrom – None.
  5. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
    Letters, emails etc – As directed at the Meeting 1-9-14.Town & parish councils selling electricity ‒ Online submission under the Sustainable Communities Act asking that town and parish councils be allowed to sell electricity.
    Nunney Brook ‒ Letter to riparian owners delivered by Jeremy Gaunt.
    Footbridge by the castle ‒ Work is needed to the bridge and Somerset County Council have accepted responsibility for it; an inspection is pending, but nothing will happen in the near future.Richard Masters arrived.

    Sign on the castle wall directing visitors to the church was very worn. The wall is under the stewardship of English Heritage who asked that the sign be removed (their contractor did this) and not replaced. PCC advised.
    Aerial runway ‒ The supplier has re-tightened the wire. The grass has grown through the safety matting, but the banking needs to be weeded and reseeded. Invoice for additional ground works returned to supplier as the Council has already declined to pay it.
    Quarry Faces event for Mendip Rocks 2014 was held at OQG on 4th October.
    Burial Ground Gates ‒ The estimate of £825.00 +VAT from Somerset Forge to carry out refurbishment of the gates/posts was agreed. Action: Clerk.
    Standing Orders & Financial Regulations – Final update pending.
    Planning issues ‒ Clerk has been in discussion with Mendip Planning regarding the issue of plans not being sent with consultations ‒ this seems to be an administrative issue.
    Old Quarry Gardens The Clerk advised that a quote of £3072 + VAT had been received to clear the rock face and this was discussed. Further quotes are awaited and once these are available the Council will decide what to do.
    Missing street sign at Donkey Lane reported to MDC.
    Trees by the footbridge have been topped without permission; this has caused annoyance and ill-feeling and the Tree Warden was notified by a member of the public.
    Speeding on Catch Road ‒ Highways will check their results to see if they can identify the time that the “speeding” over 50mph occurs.
    Other issues ‒ Walking route from Hall to school ‒ Freda Hannam; Neighbourhood plan ‒ Pia McGee; Shed at the “Dipping Place” ‒ Ken Lloyd. No updates.
    Clerk’s leave ‒ 18-27 October inclusive (12hrs).

  6. Correspondence – noted.
    Rural Service Network ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    Plunkett Foundation ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s September report.
    MDC (by email) ‒ Request for information on whether parish councils were consulted on taxi and public hire strategy in 1977. The Clerk responded!
    Somerset Highways (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ SID results for Frome Road for August.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Notes from July’s Parish Forum.
    Somerset Waste (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Monthly briefing notes for September.
    Quarry Faces (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Mendip Rocks event for 20 Sept cancelled.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Information for “Energy Day” on 27th September.
    SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Agenda for All Area Meeting 27-9-14; minutes and notes from meeting 21st March.
    Community Council for Somerset (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to networking event 23-10-14.
    Somerset Waste (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Update on problems with the waste collection schedules.
    SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Notification that there is a Health and Well-Being Grant available again this year. Cllr Ham passed the application form to the Clerk.
    Frome Town Council (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Information that FTC have agreed formally to buy the Public Offices on Christchurch Street West. Councillors expressed their irritation that these premises had been given away in the first place.
    Street Town Council (by email) ‒ Notification that parish councils were consulted on taxi and public hire strategy in 1977. Cllr Cawood said she was frustrated that these issues were taking time out of part-time Parish Clerk’s current work.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Agenda for the Standards Committee meeting 2-10-14.
  7. Bike Track
    An update was received on fund raising by way of jumble sale and raffles, around £900 has been raised to date. Mr Hayden thanked Lisa Dando for her efforts. Aggregate Industries have offered to donate the scalpings; a bike club has been formed (which will allow grants to be applied for). The Parish Council agreed to form a working group to meet with the volunteers to plan the way forward. Working group members, Ken Lloyd, Lisa Ramsay and Richard Masters, will arrange a meeting. Action: KL/RM/LR. Councillor Cawood suggested that Sally Gubb be contacted at MDC.
  8. First Aid Training
    Sue Ellis gave an update on a basic first aid course to be held in the village hall in the New Year. It was agreed that the Parish Council would do a leaflet drop to advertise the course. Francis Hayden proposed that the Council pay for the hire of the hall, seconded Judith Beresford and agreed unanimously.
  9. Market Place
    i) Sue Ellis presented ideas discussed by the working group; she gave details of a covered shelter, a bandstand-type structure, which was discussed.
    ii) Finger post. Ken Lloyd has asked Highways to re-quote for painting the finger post (and the one at the end of Horn Street). It was agreed unanimously that if the quote is £350 (or less) that the Clerk should authorise the work.
  10. Precept 2015-16
    The Clerk asked that Members consider what work is needed in the year 2015-16 so that she can start to prepare the budget. Action: All.
  11. Traffic on Horn Street
    Due to parked cars restricting the width of the road emergency vehicles cannot get through. Ken Lloyd will check with Highways the regulations regarding road width and Sheelagh Capstick-Dale will discuss this at the upcoming police liaison meeting. Action: KL, SCD
  12. Vandalism
    Freda Hannam explained there had been problems with random vandalism of cars on Green Pits Lane. This included cars being “keyed”, tyres let down and petrol poured over one. It was noted that this has also recently occurred at Coleford. Mrs Capstick-Dale will raise it at the Police Liaison Meeting. Action: SCD.
  13. Finance
    £9,000.00 transferred to the current account 1-9-14.
    Cheque 1279 was returned by the bank as signatures on it did not match their records; a replacement was issued ‒ cheque 1283 signed by KL, SCD, SE on 23-9-14 for £8,157.00 to GB Sport & Leisure UK Ltd for aerial runway and associated works. The Chairman stressed the importance of Councillors using their usual signature on cheques.
    i) Bank forms were signed to remove Ian Sanderson from the signatories list and to amend the number of signatures required for cheques from three to two.
    ii) Accounts for Payment:
    Cheque 1284 ‒ £ 30.34 Aster (Hire of hall 7-7-14)
    Cheque 1285 ‒ £ 45.62 Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (water to OQG £22.08 and burial ground £23.54)
    Cheque 1286 ‒ £391.46 Beverley Palmer (Salary Sept 2014 & admin costs £28.86 )
    Cheque 1287 ‒ £272.00 HMR&C (Clerk’s tax July-Sept 2014)
    Cheque 1288 ‒ £368.70 Parsons Landscapes Ltd (Grass cutting/weeding Sept 2014)
    iii) Receipts:
    £ 2.14 Bank interest (August 2014)
  14. Planning
    MDC 2014/1954/FUL Construction of detached building for pine furniture assembly, storage, trade showroom and part retail (20|% floor area showroom and retail) at Nunney Catch Cafe for Sean Reid. It was noted that this is identical to two previously approved planning applications (005446/012 in 2008 and 2011/2505). Discussions took place and it was agreed that the Council had “no objections” and that this would in fact be an improvement of the current arrangement.Approved:
    MDC 2014/1126/HSE Grant of planning permission for erection of single storey carport at 1 High Street for Paul Holdaway.
    MDC 2014/1237/FUL Grant of planning permission for amended plans 8-8-14 for refurbishment of church barn and its outbuilding: the main proposed work is the replacement of windows, doors and roof lights with a few new additions; extension to porch resulting in total footprint of 4.7m2 area; there is no change of use proposed at Church Barn, Church Street for Alistair Jacks.
    MDC 2014/1133/HSE Grant of planning permission for proposed pitched roof carport at Wren Cottage, 1A High Street for Mr & Mrs Roberts.

    MDC 2014/0198/OTS Refused outline planning permission for the erection of up to 100 no. dwellings, vehicular access from Green Pits Lane, pedestrian/cycle access from Glebelands, highways improvements, public open space, drainage and associated works – as amended 7-5-2014 for BDW Trading Ltd. Reasons include that the development “ … would represent a significant, unnecessary and unjustified encroachment of built development beyond the development limits …”.

    14/00042/REF Appeal reference APP/Q3305/A/14/2225553 has been submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government by Mr S Reid in respect of 2 no. detached dwellings (all matters reserved for future consideration) at Nunney Catch Café, Nunney Catch; comments can be made 21st October. Noted: the Council has nothing to add.
    14/00045/REF Appeal reference APP/Q3305/A/14/2224843 been submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government by BDW Trading Ltd in respect of outline planning permission for the erection of up to 100 no. dwellings, vehicular access from Green Pits Lane, pedestrian/cycle access from Glebelands, highways improvements, public open space, drainage and associated works – as amended by letter, plans and documents received on 7th May 2014; comment can be made up to 7th November. It was agreed that the Council had nothing more to add to its objections (which will be automatically be sent to the inspector). Once the date of the public enquiry in know slot to be booked for the Council to speak.

  15. Rights of Way
    The footpath along the brook is still obstructed by fallen trees beyond the sewage works; Richard Masters will take a look. Action RM.
  16. Reports from Committees and Associations
    Village Hall – Bookings are down, so finances are difficult. Judith Beresford explained that Nunney Players haven’t be able to recruit directors and a meeting is to be held to decide the Players future.
    Nunney School – Now running with just two classes and only 49 pupils.
    NCA – Upcoming quiz.
    Church ‒ Anthony Allom reported that a water leak has been discovered. No one is prepared to take on the desktop publishing for the Postlebury News, so there will not be an issue this month.
    Quarry ‒ The Clerk write to Aggregate’s as instructed. A meeting is being arranged to discuss progress on solving the smell/noise issues.
    Gloria Cawood gave a short update; current issues are the problems with waste collection problems and a review of the recently revised planning system.
  17. Items for Next Meeting
    Police (SCD); grit bin for Green Pits Lane (All); Q2 accounts (Clerk); Meeting dates for 2015 (Clerk).
  18. Date of Next Meeting ‒ 3 November 2014 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.