Minutes of Nunney Parish Council, 3 June 2013


Minutes of Nunney Parish Council meeting held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 3 June 2013 at 7.15pm.

Minutes of Nunney Parish CouncilPresent: Mr K Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam; Messrs Allom, Gaunt, Hayden, Masters, Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

Also present in respect of Item 3: John Yeoman and Roddy Stanning (Y Farms); Niels Kroner, Roland Billington and Adam Withers (AEE Renewables).

In attendance: District Councillor Gloria Cawood (part); members of the public x8 (part).

1. Apologies for absence ‒ Pia McGee (personal).

2. Declarations of Interest – Mr Allom declared a personal, prejudicial and pecuniary interest in respect of planning application 2013/0987 at Hawthorn, Ridgeway, this is a personal application; Mr Allom is a colleague, and accordingly all Councillors present declared a personal interest in respect of the same application. Mrs Hannam declared a personal interest in respect of planning application 2013/0613, which is for a neighbour.

The Chairman noted that members of the public were present specifically in respect of Item 3; he explained that 10 minutes were set aside for public representation to be made to the Council and that any discussions would be between the applicant and Councillors only. Five members of the public spoke (including two residents of Trudoxhill Parish), all of them raised objections to the proposed development of a solar farm at Little Sharpshaw Farm. Questions were asked of the applicants but the Chairman explained that the meeting was not for a dialogue between the public and developer. After 15 minutes the Chairman asked the developer to present their application and where possible to answer questions that the public had raised.

3. Proposed Solar Farm at Little Sharpshaw Farm
Extensive discussions took place; Mr Yeoman outlined his reasons for seeking a solar farm, and Mr Billington and Mr Kroner giving details of the proposed development. It was noted that Little Sharpshaw Farm is for sale; if planning is granted the new owner will be required to honour the development. Councillors asked questions and received answers, and after 45 minutes the Chairman asked AEE to make their final representation. Some further discussion took and the Chairman explained that the Council had other business to complete and called an end to discussions.

Members of the public and the representatives of Y Farms and AEE left the meeting.

The Chairman invited Cllr Cawood to speak; she gave a brief address and left the meeting.

4. Minutes of Nunney Parish Council meeting held on 7 May 2013
These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.

6. Clerk’s Report & Items for Information – noted.

  • Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 7-5-13.
  • Accounts 2012-13 ‒ Internal audit completed satisfactorily; there were no items of concern.
  • Trees ‒ Contact was made with the Tree Officer at MDC: trees in a Conservation Area have statutory protection and 6 weeks notice has to be given if works to them are intended. The Officer subsequently visited Nunney and met Mr Lloyd who has circulated an update.
  • Working groups and representatives ‒ List updated and circulated to Councillors.
  • Rural Housing seminar ‒ No one attended.
  • Councillor’s training ‒ Mrs Hannam and Mr Sanderson attended.
  • Allotments ‒ Some plot fees for 2013-14 received. Plot plan, fee slips and remaining fees awaited.
  • Dallimore Mead Bench ‒ Refurbishment in hand.
  • 20mph limit ‒ Somerset Highways advise that they are “… unable to deliver …” at this time. Mr Lloyd is meeting Highways and will discuss this further.
  • Market Place ‒ Removal of telegraph pole to be progressed.
  • Byfields Cemetery ‒ i) Cheque from February returned to the monumental mason (no request for a plot has been received). ii) Cost for replanting a section of hedge to be obtained. iii) Parking area and gates badly affected by moss/algal growth.
  • Bike track ‒ Nothing to report; taken off Agenda.
  • Neighbourhood plan – This was taken off the Agenda pending ideas from Councillors. Meanwhile, Mr Lloyd has drafted an application, which is with the Clerk.
  • Clerk’s Hours ‒ Clerk on leave 27/30/31 May (using 5hrs time in lieu from April).

7. Correspondence – noted.

  • Avon and Somerset Police ‒ Police & Crime Commissioner Plan 2013-2017; in Reading File or online at avonandsomerset-pcc.gov.uk
  • Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s report May 2013.
  • SCC ‒ Temporary Road Close at Long Lane, Wanstrow from 2nd July 2013 for up to 9 days to enable preparation and resurfacing works to be carried out.
  • Somerset Highways (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Environmental maintenance information 2013. It was noted that there is no weed spraying of pavements or gutters.
  • Avon and Somerset Police (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Chief Superintendent’s report dated 10 May 2013.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Guidance notes for councillors from the Dept of Communities and Local Government on “Openness and transparency on personal interests”.
  • MDC (by email) ‒ Two Register of Member’s Interests forms for updating (these must say “nil” or “none” where required). Forwarded to the Councillors concerned.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ NALC briefing notes x2. The Queen’s Speech 2013; Mobile connectivity in England: simplifying the planning process.
  • John Horsey ‒ Report of the internal audit of accounts for 2012-13: the accounts are in order and there are no items of concern. His fee for the year 2013-14 will remain £80.00.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of the East Area Meeting to be held at Coleford on 15th July. Mr Lloyd, Mr Allom and the Clerk will attend.
  • SCC (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ Details of the grant fund (£200,000 for 2013-14) being made available for flood mitigation and application form (to be submitted by 26-7-13). It was agreed to apply; to be discussed at July’s Meeting. Action: JB.
  • Community Council for Somerset (by email) ‒ Membership renewal for 2013-14 is £35.00. Agreed to renew, see Item 12 ii.
  • Member of the public ‒ Request from a Nunney resident for information related to the planning applications for 1 High Street; details supplied by the Clerk. It was suggested that enforcement be contacted as the house seems closer to the road junction than the plans suggested.
  • SALC (by email) ‒ Permanent memorial to Peter Lacy. It was agreed to donate £10.00 under the Public Health Act 1875 s164 ‒ see Item 12 ii.
  • Brian Johnson Insurance Ltd ‒ Details for the renewal for 2013-14 updated (grit bins added to the assets schedule, contact details and volunteers hours at OQG updated).
  • Somerset Highways (by email) ‒ Change of contact for the Mendip area (Chris Betty).

8. Market Place

  • i) Land Registry has rejected the application for First Registration. This is because “… the only course of action would be to make application for adverse procession, which given the nature of the land in question, would not be successful …”. It was agreed to pursue other avenues to undertake improvements and the Clerk will investigate how best to do this. Action: Clerk.
  • ii) Cross hatching. Mr Lloyd is to meet Highways to discuss this on 6th June. Action KL.

9. Old Quarry Gardens

  • i) Maintenance Plan. A letter from the Flower Show itemising a number of issues was copied to Councillors with the Agenda. It was agreed that a Working Group is needed, but no one was prepared to volunteer, accordingly this will be carried forward to July’s meeting. Action: All.
  • ii) The shed roof is leaking; it was noted that this is the NCA’s responsibility.

10. Recreational Facilities

  • i) Playground improvements. Playdale to be invited to make a presentation at July’s Meeting. Mr Lloyd confirmed that Playforce and GB Sport & Leisure have also been approached and he will try to get their plans before the next Meeting. Action. KL.
  • ii) Football facilities. Mr Lloyd will contact the Village Hall Committee to see what their thoughts are regarding use of the area above the fall for a five-a-side pitch. It was noted that the area would probably need to be fenced. Action: KL.

11. Website
A new website should be ready to view shortly. Action: AA.

12. Finance
£1,000 transferred to the current account 7-5-13.

  • i) Annual Return 2012-2013
    • a) “Section 1 Accounting statements for 2012-2013” having been copied to Councillors with the Agenda was proposed as a true record by Mr Hayden, seconded Ms Beresford and agreed. The Clerk and Chairman duly signed the Return.
    • b) “Section 2 Annual governance statement for 2012-2013” having been copied to Councillors with the Agenda was completed, agreed unanimously and duly signed by the Clerk and Chairman.
  • ii) Accounts for Payment:

The Clerk advised that additional cheques were to be raised for Parsons Landscapes, CCS (see Item 7) and SALC (see Item 7).
Cheque 1207 ‒ £ 353.31 ​Beverley Palmer (Clerk’s salary May 2013 & admin costs £35.19)
Cheque 1208 ‒ £ 25.00​SALC (Councillor’s training ‒ F Hannam)
Cheque 1209 ‒ £ 15.17​Aster (hire of hall 4-2-13)
Cheque 1210 ‒ £ 80.00​ ​John Horsey (Internal audit 2012-13 accounts)
Cheque 1211 ‒ £ 368.70​Parsons Landscapes Ltd (grass cutting & weeding May 2013)
Cheque 1212 ‒ £ 35.00​Community Council for Somerset (subscription for 2013-14)
Cheque 1213 ‒ £ 10.00​SALC (Donation towards a commemorative bench)

  • ii) Receipts:

£ 0.91 ​Bank interest (April 2013)
£ 65.00​Allotment fees 2013-2014
£ 542.25​HMR&C (refund of VAT for 2012-13)
£2,222.22 ​MDC (Council Tax Grant Support Allocation 2013-14)

The Chairman suggested that planning application 2013/0987 for Hawthorn, Ridgeway be discussed after the rest of the Agenda had completed (thus allowing Mr Allom to leave the Meeting) and this was agreed.

13. Reports

  • i) Planning
    • Applications:
      • MDC 2013/0613 Householder planning permission for side and rear two storey extension with rear loggia and front porch, new access and parking to front at 5 Westover for Mr D Goodall. No objections, recommend approval.
      • MDC 2013/0971 Full planning permission for change of use of dining room and study within C3 dwellinghouse to chiropodist work place and associated works at 12 Sunny Hill for Mrs S Twohig. After discussions, it was agreed there were no objections subject to the “General Conditions” submitted with the application being complied with.
      • MDC 2013/1001 Proposed felling of a Silver Birch in a conservation area at The Bell House, Horn Street for Mrs C Martineau. Mr Lloyd advised that the tree is dead; no objections.
      • MDC 2013/0987 ‒ See below.
    • Approvals:
      • MDC 2013/0770 Grant of planning permission for erection of a storage building attached to existing workshop at South West Marquees Ltd, Castle Hill Farm for Mr Chris White.
    • Refusals:
      • MDC 2012/1001 Planning refused for demolition of 1 no. house and erection of 10 no. dwellings (amended plans 27-9-12) at Hillcrest, Ridgeway Lane for Mrs K Toon. Reasons for refusal include: problems related to additional traffic on Berry Hill/High Street/Ridgeway Lane; lack of the provision of adequate on-site car parking; lack of adequate provision to deal with increased surface water run-off.
  • ii) ​Footpaths ‒ Problems with footpaths off Ridgeway were dealt with by Mr Lloyd and Mr Allom; the combe path towards Keepers Cottage is blocked by 6 to 8 fallen trees with another at the Donkey Lane end, Mr Masters will investigate.
  • iii) ​Playground ‒ Nil.

14. Reports from Committees and Associations

  • i) Village Hall – Nil.
  • ii) Nunney School – Nil
  • iii) NCA – Plans for the Street Fayre are going well.
  • iv) Police ‒ Mrs Capstick-Dale will attend the next liaison meeting on 20th June.

Mr Allom left the Meeting.

Item 13 continued:
Planning application:
MDC 2013/0987 Full planning permission for erection of new build dwelling subject to a planning obligation to return secondary dwelling to ancillary accommodation for the main house at Hawthorn, Ridgeway for Mr & Mrs Anthony Allom. After discussions it was agreed that all issues of concern having been addressed in the application (low impact, no increase to the number of residential properties on the site and access) the Council had no objections and recommended approval. The Clerk was asked to respond to Planning giving the Council’s reasons for the decision. Action: Clerk.

15. Items for Next Meeting

  • Flood planning (Ms Beresford)
  • Burial Ground (Mr Lloyd/Clerk)
  • Tree survey (Mr Lloyd/Mr Masters)

16. Date of Next Meeting:
Monday 1 July 2013 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 9.25 pm.