Minutes of the Nunney Parish Council meeting, 7 May 2013

To Nunney Castle (by PinkPom, Flickr)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead, Tuesday, 7th May 2013 at 7.50pm.

Present: Mr K Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam; Messrs Allom, Gaunt, Hayden, Masters. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: District Councillor Gloria Cawood; members of the public  12 (part).

1.             To elect a Chairman

The Chairman called for nominations for the position of Chairman for the year to May 2014. Mr Gaunt proposed Ken Lloyd, seconded Mr Allom and agreed unanimously. Mr Lloyd accepted the nomination; he signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and assumed the Chair.

2.             To elect a Vice-Chairman

The Chairman called for nominations for the position of vice-Chairman. Mr Allom proposed Jeremy Gaunt, seconded Mr Hayden; Mr Gaunt accepted the nomination and it was agreed unanimously.

3.             Apologies for absence ‒ Pia McGee (unwell); Ian Sanderson (personal matter).

4.             Declarations of Interest – Mr Hayden declared a personal interest in respect of the planning application for Cherry Tree Farm (2012/1912) which is opposite his house.

5.             Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 2nd April 2013

These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

6.             Matters arising therefrom – Nil.

Members of the public being present to discuss the planning application for Cherry Tree Farm specifically, the Chairman suggested that Planning Application be brought forward and this was agreed.

7.             Planning Applications (this was Agenda Item 16 i)

MDC 2013/0770 Full planning permission for erection of storage building attached to existing workshop at Castle Hill Farm for Mr Chris White. Mr Allom advised that this application had already been approved by MDC and this was noted. No objections.

MDC 2012/1912 Outline planning permission for a development of three terraced cottages in the grounds of Cherry Tree Farm, High Street  (access, landscaping and layout to be considered, all other matters reserved) for Mrs Valerie Lewis. Members of the public (x6) made representation to the Council raising their objections and concerns regarding the proposals and discussions took place. Issues of concern included flooding, drainage, loss of trees and loss of privacy; however Mr Golby advised that the Village Hall stands to benefit from the development and this was noted. After lengthy discussions Councillors unanimously agreed to “recommend refusal of planning permission” on the grounds of: issues with flooding and drainage; concerns regarding access, both during construction phase and after, and further on-street parking; issues regarding an electricity pole at the site entrance; additional traffic on Ridgeway Lane and at the junction with High Street causing further problems; detrimental loss of established trees and wildlife habitat.

Members of the public left the Meeting.

MDC 2012/1912 (cont). Discussions continued and it was agreed to ask the Tree Officer for his views on the trees. There were further discussions on Section 106 and should planning be approved it was agreed ask for contribution of £30,000 towards improving the facilities at The Russell Field.

The Chairman invited Cllr Cawood to speak and she gave her report which included issues on traffic and grants.

Cllr Cawood left the Meeting.

8.             Working Groups and Sub-Committees

It was agreed to rename “sub-committees” as Working Groups”. It was agreed that the existing list of nominated members/representatives was still correct. Action: Clerk to update.

9.             Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.

Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 2-4-13.

Annual Parish Meeting ‒ Flyer, notice of meeting and agenda prepared and distributed/displayed.

HMR&C ‒ End of year completed for 2012-13; P14/P35 submitted and P60 issued. Requirements for RTI in 2013-14 complied with.

Accounts 2012-13 ‒ Final accounts prepared and copied to Councillors with the Agenda for approval under Item 16 i. Internal audit arranged and statutory notices displayed as required.

VAT ‒ Claim submitted to HMR&C for repayment of VAT  for 2012-2013.

Proposed solar farm at Little Sharpshaw Farm ‒ See also www.littlesharpshawsolar.co.uk. Mrs McGee, Mr Lloyd and Mr Masters visited a solar farm installation at Bradford-on-Avon; they have updated Members by email. An article in the Somerset Standard stating that the developer had met with the Parish Council is incorrect; Mr Lloyd contacted both the developer and Standard.

Community Environment Fund ‒ Mr Allom submitted an application on behalf of NPC for £400 towards improving the football facilities.

Local Legacy Fund  The PCC have submitted an application for 2013 to install toilets in the church, Mr Lloyd sent a letter on behalf of the Council supporting this. MDC advise that this grant should be available again in April 2014.

Councillor’s Training ‒ Ian Sanderson will attend the course on 20th May.

Allotments ‒ The Allotments Committee Meeting was not held in February.

Dallimore Mead Bench ‒ It was agreed that the Parish Council will arrange and pay for the refurbishment of the bench outside Dallimore Mead Hall.

Nunney Brook ‒ The weir is to be repaired by English Heritage (early June).

Market Place ‒ Removal of telegraph pole will be progressed once First Registration is completed.

Council Tax Bill ‒ Householder bills received suggests that the precept has increased by  22.5% (actually +2%). This is in fact the change to the Band D rate.

Clerk’s Hours ‒ 5 extra hours worked in April.

10.         Correspondence – noted.

Grant Thornton ‒ These are the Council’s new auditors; notice to submit the Annual Return for 2012-13 and supporting papers.

Avon and Somerset Police (by email) ‒ Information from PCSO Declan Quinn that he has updated the contact details and photograph for the PSCO for Nunney.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Link to the Agenda for the Standards Committee.

Aster (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to attend the estate inspection in Nunney on 16-4-13. Mr Lloyd attended and circulated information on social housing in Nunney.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Councillor Declaration Form. Reminder that Councillors need to review their declarations (approximately every 6 months) and review of the how the forms must be completed.

Avon and Somerset Police (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Police & Crime Commissioner’s invitation to the Police Public Forum 16-4-13 at the Cheese & Grain.

Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ CountyCouncillor’s report for April 2013.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Link to Parishes Information Bulletin.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Consultation on the changes to the ‘Homefinder Somerset Allocation Policy’ and link to the questionnaire for stakeholders.

Sedgemoor District Council (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of a free seminar on rural housing on 14th May at Edington Village Hall; Mr Gaunt will attend.

SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ SID results for Flowerfield (20mph) March 2013.

Avon & Somerset Police (by email, forwarded by Mrs Capstick-Dale) ‒ Awareness email giving details of thefts in the area.

AON ‒ Offer of reduction on previous insurance policy premium if the Council returns to Aon. Note: the Council is just completing the first year of a 3-year LTA.

SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ SID results for Frome Road March/April 2013.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Standards Committee Resolution in respect of Code of Conduct and Amended Principles of Public Life.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Suggestion that the Parish Council review its Code of Conduct to take account of the Standard Committee resolution – see above. No action at this time.

Frack Free Somerset (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to a talk by Dr Lloyd-Smith, an international expert on toxics, chemicals’ policy and waste management (Wells Town Hall 4-5-13).

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Contact details for the Principal Planning Policy Officer.

MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Agenda for the Mendip Rural Forum on 29-4-13.

MDC (by email x2, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of Mendip in Bloom 2013 (details passed to Flower Show and Allotments Committee).

11.         Market Place

The application for First Registration is being progressed. The Clerk had prepared a statement to accompany the application which was copied to Councillors with the Agenda; this was approved with minor amendments. See also Item 16 ii. Action: Clerk.

12.         Neighbourhood Plan

Mr Lloyd, having circulated information about Neighbourhood Plans prior to the Meeting, proposed a plan be drawn up for Nunney and this was agreed. The Working Group will meet to discuss it further. Action: KL, JB, F Hayden, PM.

13.         Recreational Facilities

i)     Bike Track. The Clerk advised that Steve Jenks had emailed for an update. The Clerk responded and also asked for his ideas for funding and how the track could be built more cheaply; no reply at date.

ii)   Playground and football facilities. Playdale have failed to provided either a plan or costs, so alternative companies will be approached. Action: KL, JG.

14.         Proposed Solar Farm at Little Sharpshaw Farm

See Item 8.

15.         Website

No progress. Action: AA.

16.         Finance

The Clerk advised an additional invoice from Parsons Landscapes was being presented for payment.

i)               Final Accounts 2012-2012. These were agreed as a true record; proposed Mr Allom, seconded Mr Masters and approved unanimously.

ii)             Accounts for Payment.

Cheque 1201 ‒ £     342.50       Beverley Palmer (Clerk’s salary April 2013 & admin costs £24.18)

Cheque 1202 ‒ £       25.00       SALC (Councillor’s training)

Cheque 1203 ‒ £       15.17       Aster  (hire of hall 4-2-13)

Cheque 1204 ‒ £       38.50       Judith Beresford (photocopying village Flood Plan)

Cheque 1205 ‒ £     368.70      Parsons Landscapes Ltd (grass cutting & weeding April 2013)

Cheque 1206 ‒ £       40.00       Land Registry (Application for First Registration of Market Place)

iii)           Receipts:

£         0.87        Bank interest (March 2013)

£16,704.00        MDC (Precept for 2013-2014)

17.         Reports

i)               Planning

Applications ‒ See Item 7.


MDC 2012/2058 Grant of planning permission to carry out the development described in the application validated 28-8-12 for the construction of a new bungalow (amended plans 7-2-13) at Tower View Farm, Ridgeway for Mr C Garrod. “The proposal is for an isolated dwelling in open countryside but is acceptable because special circumstances exist in the dwelling would directly replace an existing mobile home in independent residential use with a dwelling of commensurate size.”. Condition 3 requires that: “ … the mobile home be removed and the use of the land as a caravan site for permanent residential use shall cease within one calendar month of the first occupation of the new dwelling …”. Note 1: “ .. the consent does not permit the Public Right of Way adjacent to the site to be blocked, obstructed or diverted …”.

ii)      Footpaths ‒ Nil.

iii)     Playground ‒ Nil.

18.         Reports from Committees and Associations

i)               Village Hall – Mrs Capstick-Dale advised that the Village Hall Committee is offering the Parish Council the land south the Village Hall for a five-a-side football pitch. This was discussed and agreed.

ii)             NunneySchool – Nil.

iii)           NCA – Nil.

19.         Items for Next Meeting

Old Quarry Gardens – leaking shed roof (Mr Hayden)

20.         Date of Next Meeting:

Monday, 3rd June 2013 at 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded at 9.15pm.