Nunney Community SpeedWatch

Nunney Community SpeedWatch

Are you fed up with motorists speeding through Nunney? Why not do something about it and volunteer for SpeedWatch?

Nunney Community SpeedWatch

The Parish Council are in the process of getting speed watch up and running again in the village.

Several people showed interested at the presentation evening for the 20mph back in September last year.

You now need to click on this link to take you through to the Avon & Somerset website where you can have your police check:

Once you have passed this, training will be arranged in Nunney and hopefully by the end of July speed watch will be up and running.

Speeding vehicles are a problem in many villages and Nunney is no exception. You’ll be shocked to learn that monitoring (using Speed Indicator Devices) has recorded 3% of vehicles travelling into the village at over 40mph, with some even exceeding 50mph.

Not all of the village has pavements, and many properites have doors opening directly into the road. So even getting out of your front door can be a risky business.

But the police advise that regular community monitoring through the SpeedWatch initiative does help to reduce traffic speeds.

If you want to do something about this, why not volunteer for SpeedWatch? The police will provide training which will include safety matters, how to conduct speed checks and the use of a hand-held speed gun.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nunney Parish Clerk by email at [email protected].