Nunney Parish Council agenda 3 November 2014

Nunney Area Car Scheme

The next meeting of Nunney Parish Council will be held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 3 November 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish Council


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of the Meeting 6th
  4. Matters arising
  5. Clerk’s Report & Items for Interest (To receive details)
  6. Correspondence (To note items received ‒ All)
  7. Bike Track (To receive an update from the working group ‒ KL/RM/LR)
  8. Dates for Meetings in 2015 (To approve – All)
  9. Grass Cutting and Weeding Contracts (To discuss next /next 3 years ‒ All)
  10. Grit Bin for Green Pits Lane (To agree a replacement bin ‒ All)
  11. Market Place (Update from the Working Group (SE/KL/JG)
  12. Precept for 2015-2016 (To consider items for the budget ‒ All)
  13. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations (To approve updates ‒ All)
  14. Traffic on Horn Street (To discuss ‒ KL/SCD)
  15. Health and Well-Being Grant (To decide what to apply for ‒ All)
  16. Finance
    i) Quarter 2 accounts (To approve ‒ All)
    ii) Accounts for payment (To approve ‒ All)
    iii)Receipts (To note)
  17. Planning (To discuss applications received)
  18. Rights of Way (To discuss issues related to footpaths ‒ All)
  19. Committees and associations (To receive reports)
    i) Village Hall (Jeremy Gaunt)
    ii) Nunney School (Freda Hannam)
    iii)NCA (Jeremy Gaunt)
    iv) Church (Anthony Allom)
    v) Police (Sheelagh Capstick-Dale)
    vi) Quarry (Ken Lloyd)
  20. Items for next Meeting
  21. Date of next Meeting

Dates of future meetings in 2014
Monday 1 December 2014

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held in Dallimore Mead Hall and start at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of Nunney Parish Council, but will not be permitted to speak unless they are explicitly invited to do so by the chairman of the parish council. The parish council can only discuss items that are on the published agenda.

Dallimore Mead Hall
Dallimore Mead
Somerset BA11 4NB

Contact information
Beverley Palmer
Nunney Parish Clerk
Email [email protected]
Telephone 0775 293 6709

Ken Lloyd
Telephone 01373 836 079
Email [email protected]

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