Nunney Parish Council agenda for 7 October 2013

Theobald Arms Nunney
The former Theobald Arms at Nunney Catch

This is the Nunney Parish Council agenda for the next meeting, at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 7 October 2013 from 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish Council agendaNunney Parish Council Agenda

1.            Apologies for absence
2.           Declarations of interest
3.           Old QuarryGardens

i)     Maintenance (To discuss requirements ‒ All)

ii)   Import of top soil (To discuss issues related to ‒ All)

4.           Minutes of the Meeting 2nd September 2013
5.           Matters arising
6.           Clerk’s Report & Items for Interest (To receive details)
7.           Correspondence (To note items received)
8.           Flooding and Drainage (To discuss issues ‒ Ms Beresford)
9.           Grit Bin for Ridgeway (To discuss provision ‒ All)
10.         Market Place (Update ‒ Clerk/Mr Lloyd)
11.          Neighbourhood Plan (To discuss progressing a plan ‒ All)
12.         Recreational Facilities (Mr Gaunt)

i)               Playground improvements (To discuss plans ‒ Mr Gaunt)

ii)             Football facility (To agree the new facility ‒ Mr Lloyd)

13.         Website (To discuss progress on the update ‒ Mr Hayden)
14.         Youth Club (To receive an update ‒ Mr Sanderson)
15.         Finance

i)               Accounts for payment (To approve ‒ All)

ii)             Receipts (To note)

16.         Planning (To discuss applications received, to note approvals and other issues ‒ All)

MDC 2013/1149 Construction of a 5.37Mwp solar park with associated works including 2m high boundary deer fence, substation and 5 no inverters(amended layout received 28-8-13, additional info received 3-9-13) at Little Sharpshaw Farm, Marston Bigot for AEE Renewables UK30 Ltd.

17.         Rights of Way (To discuss issues related to RoW ‒ All)
18.         Committees and associations (To receive reports)

i)             Village Hall ‒ Mrs Capstick-Dale

ii)           Nunney School ‒ Mrs Hannam

iii)         NCA ‒ Mr Hayden

19.         Items for next Meeting
20.        Date of next Meeting