Minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council on 2 June 2014

Nunney Parish Council minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting of Nunney Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 2 June 2014 at 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish Council minutesPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Sheelagh Capstick-Dale, Pia McGee (part), Freda Hannam; Anthony Allom, Jeremy Gaunt. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: Members of the public x 13.

  1. Apologies for absence
    Apologies from Judith Beresford (work), Sue Ellis (holiday).
    Francis Hayden and Richard Masters did not attend.
  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 6th May 2014
    Agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.Most members of the public being present in respect of Planning, the Chairman asked to bring this forward on the Agenda, and this was agreed.
  5. Planning Applications:
    MDC 2014/0198/OTS Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 100 no. dwellings, vehicular access from Green Pits Lane, pedestrian/cycle access from Glebelands, highways improvements, public open space, drainage and associated works amended by letter, plans and documents received on 7th May 2014 on land off Green Pits Lane for BDW Trading Ltd. Lengthy discussions took place; it was agreed that traffic issues, lack of improvements to the travel plan and ongoing concerns about flooding are still issues.
    Pia McGee arrived.
    Members of the public gave their views. It was agreed unanimously that the Council is “against” against this amended application and “recommends refusal of planning permission”. It is noted that the Council’s previous objections still refer.
    MDC 2014/0507/HSE External works to the front, rear and south side of house and garden at The Rodings, Castle Hill for Mr & Mrs Chodan. No objections.Approvals:MDC 2013/1344 TPO not required for proposed pruning of yew tree in a Conservation Area at Fernleigh Cottage, High Street  for D T Owen.
    MDC 2013/2427/TCA TPO not required for proposed works to trees in a Conservation Area at Greenbank, Horn Street for Norman Leater.
    MDC 2014/0338/HSE Grant of planning permission for single storey front extension and two storey side extension at 13 Glebelands for Dean Roberts.
    MDC 2014/0574/TCA TPO not required for re-pollarding of 8 limes in a Conservation Area at Church of All Saints for Mrs Cheryl Norton.

    Members of the public x2 left the Meeting.

  6. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
    Letters, emails etc – As directed at the Meeting 6-5-14.
    Allotments ‒ Contractor will put grass clippings on the “other” side of the tree.
    Annual Return and Accounts for 2013-14 ‒ Viewing of accounts by member of the public x1. Internal audit completed ‒ there are “no issues” of concern. See also Item 18 i & ii.
    Burial Ground ‒ Fees updated and circulated. Interment (15-5-14) and ERB issued. Ongoing search for a contractor to refurbish the gates.
    Dog fouling ‒ Incident of dog fouling reported to Pia McGee by member of the public.
    Insurance ‒ LTA signed and returned to the provider; slight reduction in premium for removal of litter bin x1 (Market Place).
    Track to Village Hall ‒ The Clerk has responded to a request from Mendip Planning for documentary evidence regarding ownership of the track to the Village Hall, which was copied to Councillors with the Agenda. The Clerk asked for permission to contact solicitors and banks in Frome to see if they hold any archived documents for NPC and this was agreed.
    VAT ‒ Claim for refund of VAT paid in 2013-14 submitted to HMR&C (£827.43).
    Working Groups and Organisation reps ‒ Updated and circulated.
    Youth Club for Nunney ‒ Following Ian Sanderson’s resignation it was decided to let this lapse.
    Parish Council Elections will be held on 7th May 2015 (Councillors leave office 4 days later).
  7. Correspondence – noted.
    SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of Heritage Buildings Funding Fair.
    Somerset Highways ‒ Temporary road closure notice for resurfacing works A361/Horn Street and Westdown Farm Lane junction (to Bulls Green Link Road) from 14 May for 5 days.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Parishes Information Bulletin May 2014.
    Mendip Citizens Advice Bureau ‒ Offer to speak to the Parish Council/public regarding the services offered and the mobile advice unit.
    SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ SID installation dates for 2014: Flowerfield 14 July & 17 November; Frome Road 28 July & 1 December.
    SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Rural Advice Services questionnaire.
    CCS (by email) ‒ Annual membership documents.
    Plunket Foundation ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    AON ‒ Insurance documents for 2014-15.
    Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s report for May; letter about a wind turbine at Rockhouse Farm; details of Planning Board decision process.
    Playmapp (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Invitation to add Nunney’s playground to a website mapping UK playgrounds.
    Frome Town Council  ‒ Invitation for Chairman and Clerk to their Annual Meeting.
    CPRE Somerset ‒ Details from the Somerset Branch and newsletters (in Reading File).
    Rural Services Network ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    Lacy Family ‒ Note of thanks for the contribution to Peter Lacy’s commemorative bench.
    Mendip Community Transport ‒ Request to help find more volunteer drivers for the hospital car service ‒ displayed on the parish council notice boards.
    Avon and Somerset Police ‒ Policing Plan 2014-17 (in Reading File) and online at www.avonandsomerset-police.gov.uk.
  8. Aerial Runway
    The Chairman explained that he and Mr Gaunt had met with the contractor. They agreed there had been a misunderstanding over costs and that the Council does need to pay extra. The contractor for their part has reduced the additional charge to £287.50+VAT and this was unanimously agreed. The Clerk to confirm with the contractor that they can proceed. Action: Clerk.
  9. Allotments The allotment holders have asked for a fence along the bottom/side of the allotments, details of which were copied to Councillors with the Agenda. The Clerk advised that plot holders will put the fence up if  the Council pays for the materials. After discussions it was agreed that although in principle the Council has no objections to a fence, barbed wire cannot be used and post and wire seems more appropriate. Details of who will erect the fence is also needed. Allotment Coordinator to be advised accordingly. Action: Clerk.
  10. Bike Track The Clerk explained that planning permission will expire in August. She has been advised by Mendip that it is not possible to have  an extension, and that a new application (and all that involves) would have to be made should the Council want to proceed in the future. Mr Dando offered to see if any grants can be obtained in time to start the work and maintain the planning permission.
  11. Defibrillator Mr Masters not being present, it was agreed this be carried forward to the next meeting.Members of the public x3 left the Meeting.
  12. Hire of Hall Following discussions about alternative venues for Council Meetings it was agreed to continue with Dallimore Mead Hall.
  13. Market Place
    i)     It was agreed to hold a public consultation on the Market Place, as offered by the Chairman to the Annual Parish Meeting, in the church on 5th July (subject to availability). It was agreed to do a leaflet drop around the village.
    ii)   Litter bin. The Chairman will ask if Richard Masters can remove the bin nearest to the shop.
  14. Old Quarry Gardens
    i) Costs from Parsons Landscapes of £1,143.00 +VAT for additional maintenance at the Gardens (for the rest of the contract year) were agreed. Action: Clerk.
    ii) Mr Masters having raised the problem of ragwort, it was decided to ask him to deal with it. Action: Clerk/RM.
  15. Playground
    i)     Replacement for elephant spring. Options were discussed and the Sit-in Tractor agreed ‒ quote for its supply and installation to be obtained. Action: Clerk.
    ii)   Swings & gates. The quote of  £560 +VAT for repairs to the hangers and bolts on the swings was agreed. Cost for repairs to the gates is awaited. Action: Clerk.
    iii) Safety checks. Mrs McGee offered to take over the routine checks and this was agreed. Action: PM.
  16. Vacancy for a Councillor  The Clerk advised that no request for an election having been received the Elections Officer has confirmed that the Council can proceed with co-option. Two expressions of interest received at date, to be considered at July’s meeting along with any others received.
  17. Walking Route from Village Hall to School The Chairman explained that it would be possible to use Dallimore Mead Lane (FR 12/45) but that access through the gate and along the path at Dallimore Mead would be required; he will contact Aster to see if this is possible. Mr Gaunt suggested that surfacing that part of Dallimore Lane would give residents of Dallimore Mead safer access to the Market Place; the Clerk will contact SCC for advice. Action: KL, Clerk.
  18. Finance
    £3,000 transferred to the current account 6-5-14.
    i)     Annual Return 2013-2014. Accounting Statement 2013-14 (Section 1), copied to Councillors with the Agenda, was proposed as a true record by Sheelagh Capstick-Dale, seconded Anthony Allom and agreed unanimously. It was duly signed by the Clerk, as Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), and the Chairman. Internal Audit Report (Section 4), copied to Councillors with the Agenda, was noted.
    ii)   Annual Governance Statement. Section 2 of the Annual Return 2013-14, copied to Councillors with the Agenda was completed by Members and signed by the RFO and Chairman.
    iii) Accounts for Payment: The Clerk advised an additional invoice from John Horsey was being presented for payment.
    Cheque 1263 ‒ £397.87        Beverley Palmer (Salary May 2014 & admin costs £35.27)
    Cheque 1264 ‒ £523.08       AON UK Ltd (Insurance 2014-15)
    Cheque 1265 ‒ £368.70        Parsons Landscapes Ltd (Grass cutting/weeding May  2014)
    Cheque 1266 ‒ £ 80.00        John Horsey (Internal audit of accounts 2013-14)
    iv) Receipts:
    £    1.34      Bank interest (April 2014)
    £490.00       Barker & Courtiers (Interment of Roland Buchan)
    £  15.00       Allotment fees 2014-15Members of the public x3 left the meeting.
  19. Rights of Way ‒ Nil.
  20. Reports from Committees and Associations
    i)     Village Hall – Tug of war 25th August.
    ii)   Nunney School – The falling roll may mean that the school has to go to two classes with two teachers and four class assistants.
    iii) NCA – Upcoming Street Fayre.
    iv) Quarry Issues ‒ Mr Lloyd advised that representatives from Aggregates Industries will be present at July’s Meeting to discuss the tarmac smell.
  21. Items for Next Meeting ‒ Nil.
  22. Date of Next Meeting ‒ 7 July 2014 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.58pm.