Nunney Parish Council minutes for July 2013

Dallimore Mead, Nunney
Dallimore Mead

Nunney Parish Council minutes of the meeting held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 1 July 2013 at 7.30pm.

Nunney Parish Council minutesPresent: Jeremy Gaunt (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam, McGee; Messrs Hayden, Masters, Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

Also present members of the public (variable from 6 to 17).

Mr Lloyd being absent Mr Gaunt (Vice-Chairman) took the Chair.

1. Apologies for absence ‒ Ken Lloyd (personal); Anthony Allom (holiday).

The Chairman welcomed members of the public (6) who were present to ask about possible housing proposed on the glebe land which was mentioned in the NCA newsletter. The Chairman updated them on this and discussions took place.

Mr Masters and members of the public (3) arrived.

2. Declarations of Interest – Mrs McGee declared a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of planning application 2013/1149 which is planned for land adjacent to her home.

3. Nunney Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting on 3rd June 2013
These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.

5. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.

  • Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 3-6-13.
  • Accounts 2012-13 ‒ Annual Return, bank reconciliation and explanation of +/-15% variances submitted for external audit.
  • Burial ground ‒ Interments on 1st and 12th July and 24th September.
  • Annual insurance ‒ Updated to take account of “volunteers days” at Old Quarry Gardens.
  • Trees survey ‒ Pending. Action: RM, KL.
  • Allotments ‒ Plot plan, fee slips and remaining fees awaited. Request by a resident for an allotment plot referred to the Co-ordinator ‒ there is a currently a waiting list of four.
  • Dallimore Mead ‒ Refurbishment of bench in hand. Dallimore Lane footpath reported as overgrown ‒ Clerk/Chairman to establish where the problem is and whose responsibility it is.
  • Traffic issues ‒ Mr Lloyd met with Highways; an update was circulated.
  • SALC East Area Meeting ‒ This is on 15-7-13 at Coleford; BP, KL, AA, IS will attend.
  • Notice board at the school ‒ The three-part notice board has been refurbished by the NCA and installed on the railings at the school; agenda, contact and meeting information displayed.
  • Clerk’s Leave ‒ Clerk’s leave 12, 19 & 22 July (4hrs).

6. Correspondence – noted.

  • Brian Johnston (Insurance) Ltd ‒ Renewal documents and invoice for annual premium. See Item 9.
  • Lloyds TSB ‒ From 14-8-13 this will become TSB; new contact details and changes to T&C.
  • Avon and Somerset Police (by email) ‒ Neighbourhood updates; Agenda for Liaison meeting.
  • Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s report and Planning Board Minutes Note 6 “New Permitted Development Rights ‒ Prior Approval Determination Process”.
  • Aggregate Industries (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Notification that a planning application has been submitted to install wind turbines at Torr Works and Environment Statement: Torr Works Wind Farm, Non-technical Summary.
  • Bristol Water ‒ Cheddar Reservoir Two: second stage public consultation details forwarded to Councillors.
  • SALC (by email) ‒ Agenda for the East Area Meeting 15-7-17.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ Update of “The Good Councillors Guide”.
  • SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Information on youth and community group grants. to create/maintain open-access youth clubs or drop-in provisions. See Item 13.
  • CCS ‒ Membership details for 2013-14.
  • James Long (Masons) Ltd ‒ Request to place a second memorial stone on the existing (traditional) grave of de Planta de Wildenberg. Agreed unanimously.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ DIS information bulletin Issue 811 14-6-13.
  • Emails from members of the public (x5) objecting to the proposed solar park at Little Sharpshaw Farm (forwarded to Councillors); see Item 12.

7. Flooding and Drainage
It was noted that applications for grants for drainage/flood alleviation work need to be with Somerset County Council by 26-7-13. Action: JB.

8. Market Place

  • Telegraph Pole. Updated quote awaited from BT. The Clerk advised that the Parish Council has the power to pay to remove the pole under ‘Section 137 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1972’.
  • Other matters. The Clerk advised that once a plan from the Council’s working group is agreed, Mendip Planning need to be consulted to establish if planning approval is required for the work (thought to be unlikely). Each aspect will need to agreed by the Council with a relevant “power”, which allows the Council to legally carry out the work, established. The costing can be then be approved and the item formally Minuted.

9. Finance
£1,000 transferred to the current account 3-6-13.
i) Bank Signatories.
The form to add Ian Sanderson and remove Claire Blaikie were duly signed.
ii) Accounts for Payment:
The Clerk advised that additional cheques were to be raised for Parsons Landscapes and Aster.
Cheque 1214 ‒ £343.21 Beverley Palmer (Clerk’s salary June 2013 & admin costs £25.09)
Cheque 1215 ‒ £236.80 HMR&C (clerk’s tax April-June 2013)
Cheque 1216 ‒ £909.48 Brian Johnston & Co (Insurance Brokers) Ltd (renewal for 2013-14)
Cheque 1217 ‒ £368.70 Parsons Landscapes Ltd (grass cutting & weeding June 2013)
Cheque 1218 ‒ £ 15.17 Aster (hire of hall 7-5-13)
iii) Receipts:
£ 1.58 bank interest (May 2013)
£ 40.00 Land Registry (refund of fee)

10. Reports
i) Planning
MDC 2013/1023 Full planning permission for erection of a detached dwelling and garage at Stables, Ridgeway Lane for Mr & Mrs Sadler. After lengthy discussions it was agreed that change of use to “residential” was not acceptable in this location and accordingly it was resolved to “recommend refusal of planning permission”.

MDC 2012/1912 Application dated 11-4-2013 for proposed development of 3no terraced cottages in the grounds of Cherry Tree Farm (access, landscaping and layout to be considered all other matters reserved).

Members of the public (x3) arrived.

11. Reports from Committees and Associations

  • i) Village Hall – Five-a-side football area ‒ ongoing.

Members of the public arrived (x2).

  • ii) Nunney School – Nil
  • iii) NCA – Mr Gaunt asked for permission to use the Russell Field for children’s activities on the day of the Street Fayre (3rd August) and this was agreed.
  • iv) Police ‒ Mrs Capstick-Dale gave an update on the meeting of 20th June (Minutes already circulated to Councillors).

12. Proposed Solar Farm at Little Sharpshaw Farm
MDC Planning Application 2013/1149 Full planning permission for the construction of a 5.27Mwp solar park with associated works including 2.0m high boundary deer fence, substation and 5 no. inverters at Little Sharpshaw Farm for AEE Renewables.

Members of the public arrived (x3).

Seventeen members of the public were present and the Chairman invited them to make representation to the Council. Nine people spoke objecting to the proposal, two spoke in favour of the proposal. An informal show of hands indicated the majority of those present being against the development.

Mrs McGee having declared personal and prejudicial interest took no part in the discussions or vote.

The Clerk advised that five (5) objections to the proposal had been received by email and forwarded to Councillors prior to the Meeting. The Chairman opened the debate to Councillors and a lively interchange took place with reasons for and against the proposal being discussed at length. The Chairman eventually drew discussions to a close, he reminded Councillors that there were three options: a) to recommend approval; b) to recommend refusal; c) to recommend that the decision be left to the Planning Officer following consultation responses. The decison was put to the vote: one (1) for; five (5) against; two (2) to leave the decision to the Planning Officer. It was duly resolved to “recommend refusal of planning permission” based on the visual impact of the development. It was requested that Planning be advised that whilst the majority of people (who had made representation to the Council) were against the proposal there were some who were for the development. Action: Clerk.

Members of the public left the Meeting.

13. Items for Next Meeting

  • Youth club (IS)
  • Q1 Accounts (Clerk).

14. Date of Next Meeting:
Monday, 5th August 2013 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 8.38pm.