Nunney Parish Council minutes for August 2013

Glebelands Nunney

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall Monday 5 August 2013 at 7.30pm.

Present: Jeremy Gaunt (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Hannam, McGee; Messrs Allom, Hayden, Lloyd, Masters, Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

Also present members of the public x11.

Mr Lloyd welcomed members of the public. He requested that Mr Gaunt, Vice-Chairman, Chair the Meeting and this was agreed.

1. Apologies for absence ‒ Sue Ellis (personal).

2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.

3. Wind Turbines at Torr Works
Mr Gaunt explained that although Nunney Parish Council is not a consultee, it had been invited by Mendip Planning to make comments on the planning application for wind turbines on land adjacent to Torr Works Quarry for Aggregate Industries. Details of the application are: 2013/1244 for erection of four wind turbines with a maximum blade tip height of 80m, substation, associated crane pads, improved access junction onto A361, four turbine transformer kiosks, connecting internal and upgraded access tracks, electricity connection to Torr works Quarry, two temporary anemometer masts for a period of up to 12 months, temporary construction compound and other ancillary infrastructure.

  1. Public representation. Members of the public were invited to address the Council and two people spoke.
  2. The Chairman opened discussions to Councillors and discussions took place. It was noted that the Council had received 34 emails from the public, all objecting to the proposal, which were forwarded to Councillors prior to the Meeting; of these five were from residents of Nunney. A vote was taken resulting in six “against”, three “for” and one “to leave it to the Planning Officer”. Accordingly it was resolved to “object” to the proposal. However, the Clerk was asked to advise the Planners that whilst the majority of people locally seem to be against the proposal, there are some who are in favour of it. Action: Clerk.

Members of the public left the Meeting.

4. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 1 July 2013
These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.

6. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.

  • Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 1-7-13.
  • Burial ground ‒ Interments for Cray, Hart & Leater; requests for memorials for Cray & de Planta approved. Mr Pomeroy has trimmed one of the trees by the entrance (letter of thanks sent). Requests from members of the public for information on plots of interred relatives x2. See also Item 8.
  • Trees survey ‒ Pending. Action: RM, KL.
  • Allotments ‒ Plot plan, fee slips and remaining fees awaited.
  • Dallimore Mead ‒ Refurbishment of bench pending. Dallimore Lane footpath reported as overgrown. See Item 18.
  • Traffic issues ‒ A road traffic accident had occurred at the junction of Horn Street and Castle Hill. Somerset Highways and the PCSO had been notified and Mrs Capstick-Dale will progress this further with the PCSO.
  • Solar Park at Little Sharpshaw Farm ‒ Community contribution: if planning approval is granted the Village Hall have expressed an interest in having a solar panel installation; however the school advise that they would be unable to progress this at this time.
  • Community Environment Fund ‒ MDC advise that in order to progress a grant application they need full details and costs for the project. The Clerk advised that more information will be provided when available (which has now been provided – see Item 13 ii).
  • SALC East Area Meeting 15-7-13 ‒ Mr Allom gave an update.
  • House purchase in Nunney ‒ Request from member of the public for information about planning applications in Nunney; information provided and caller referred to MDC website.
  • Street lights ‒ i) Project to turn street lights off after 1am in not dead; a pilot scheme is planned for Quantocks area. ii) The cracked shield on the light outside 20 Horn Street is to be looked at. iii) The pole in the garden of Bell House, Horn Street will also be looked at.
  • Nunney Brook ‒ The weir has not yet been repaired. Mr Lloyd advised that English Heritage have had their proposal rejected by the Environment Agency as an eel ladder has to be provided.
  • Parish Council “Bible” ‒ 9th edition of Arnold-Baker containing all the latest legislative updates is now available and it was agreed to purchase a copy (£60.00 + P&P).
  • Clerk’s work load ‒ The Clerk’s hours and work load were discussed. It was agreed to increase the contracted hours to 44/month with immediate effect. Storage of Council papers is a problem and it was agreed to approach the Village Hall to see if they are able to accommodate a filing cabinet. Action: Clerk

7. Correspondence – noted.

  • Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s July report.
  • Bristol Water ‒ Cheddar Reservoir Two. Draft Masterplan & Stage Two Consultation preferred proposals; details at
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Request for feedback on Mendip new website and request for items to be included in the “what’s on” section, details to [email protected]
  • Connecting Devon & Somerset (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Update.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ Link to the Parishes Information Bulletin.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ NALC are seeking information on what parishes are doing in respect of the Local Audit and Accountability Bill. No response.
  • SALC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ NALC paper, invitation to comment and spreadsheet for responses: “A new future: developing the strategy”. No response.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of forthcoming planning training sessions for Councillors on 18th Sept, 20th Nov, 22nd Jan & 19th March (booking required); Mrs Ellis will attend 19-3-14.
  • SALC ‒ Hard copies of “The Good Councillors Guide” are now available at £2/guide + P&P. SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Notice of the introduction of new charging structure for highway licences.
  • Avon & Somerset Police ‒ i) Details of the Neighbourhood Policing Awards: displayed on notice boards. ii) Minutes of the liaison meeting held 20-6-13 ‒ forwarded to Councillors. iii) Request for feedback on using Twitter for dissemination of information. No reply.
  • Aggregate Industries (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ Minutes of the Joint Torr Works and Colemans Quarry Liaison Group Meeting 20-3-13.
  • Somerset Highways ‒ Due to holidays the speed indicator device was not installed at Flowerfield on 8-7-13; next installation there will be on 4-11-13.
  • MDC (by email, forwarded to councillors) ‒ Gypsy and traveller count on 18-7-13; none known at date in Nunney (Clerk responded).
  • SALC (by email) ‒ Notification of a national pay increase in Clerk’s salaries of 1% backdated to 1-4-13. It was agreed to pay this.

8. Burial Ground
Mr Lloyd and the Clerk visited the Burial Ground and a number of maintenance issues were identified (cleaning of the gates and car park). It was agreed that these should be tackled and the Clerk was asked to produce a list for consideration. The Clerk advised that the burial ground fees were last updated in 2005 and it was agreed these should be reviewed. Action: Clerk.

9. Flooding and Drainage
The Clerk advised that Wessex Water are planning to do works on the foul sewer in Church Street, during this they will be running a temporary pipe across the footbridge to a manhole Castle Street; date TBC. Ms Beresford advised that she had not applied for the SCC grant; she asked that this remain an Agenda item for September as there are ongoing issues to be resolved in the Market Place. Action JB.

10. Market Place

  1. Telegraph Pole. It was unanimously agreed to proceed with removal of the pole under ‘Section 137 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1972’ ‒ see Item 16 ii. The bus company have asked that the bus stop sign on the pole be retained. Action JG.
  2. Bus shelter. A disconnection notice has been raised and the cable will be removed by SSE.
  3. Road marking. Highways have yet to cross hatch the area by the bridge.
  4. Finger post. Cost for repainting awaited from Highways.
  5. Other. A scheme for improvements to be presented by the Working Group. Action: KL, JG, SE, AA.

11. Neighbourhood Plan
Guidance notes on preparing Neighbourhood Plan (from MDC) were copied to Councillors with the Agenda and this was discussed.

12. Old Quarry Gardens
Maintenance at the Gardens was discussed and it was agreed that a plan is needed, but no one volunteered for a Working Group. The Flower Show, historically, agreed to maintain the willow arch, and most of the verges and borders using volunteers, but these have now dwindled. It was agreed to invite a representative from both the Flower Show and NCA to a Parish Council Meeting agree how best to maintain and pay for the Gardens in the long term. Action: Clerk.

13. Recreational Facilities

  1. Bike Track ‒ The Clerk advised that there is just one year left on the planning permission, and no grants have yet been applied for. After discussions it was agreed to let this lapse and to take it off the Agenda. The Clerk was asked to remind the Council just before the planning permission expires (22-8-14). The Clerk advised that money donated specifically towards the track held in the Council’s bank account; this was discussed and it was agreed that in due course the Council may ask the donors for permission to use this towards the playground. Action: Clerk.
  2. Playground
    a) Playdale. Informal quote received and copied to Councillors with the Agenda; the company has asked to present their proposals to the Council.
    b) GB Sport & Leisure. Quote received and copied to Councillors with the Agenda.
    c) Playforce. Mr Gaunt to meet them for a site visit.
    d) General. The plans for refurbishment were discussed at length; Mr Masters will make enquiries about zip-wires; Mr Hayden will investigate skate board ramps. Action: RM, FH.
  3. Five-a-side-football. Mr Lloyd will speak to the Village Hall about this. Action: KL.

14. Website
Mr Allom advised that there was nothing to report on an update. Taking this item off the Agenda was discussed, but Mr Hayden said he would see what can be done. Action: FHn.

15. Youth Club
Mr Sanderson discussed starting a club in Nunney. Grants are available from SCC to support youth facilities and this includes employing someone to run it. Mr Sanderson will investigate further. Action: IS.

Mrs McGee gave her apologies and left the meeting.

16. Finance
Transferred to the current account: £1,000 on 1-7-13; £500.00 on 2-7-13.

  1. Q1 accounts 2013-14.
    Approved unanimously.
  2. Accounts for Payment:
    Cheque 1219 ‒ £342.96 Beverley Palmer (Clerk’s salary July 2013 & admin costs £24.64)
    Cheque 1220 ‒ £640.36 BT (removal of telegraph pole in Market Place)
    Cheque 1221 ‒ £368.70 Parsons Landscapes Ltd (grass cutting & weeding July 2013)
  3. Receipts:
    £ 1.72 Bank interest (June 2013)
    £258.00 Dignity Funerals Ltd (Interment & ERB Dudley Cray)
    £266.00 Dignity Funerals Ltd (Interment & ERB Henry Hart)
    £131.00 James Long (Masons) Ltd (Memorial for Diana de Planta)
    £334.00 Dignity Funerals Ltd (Interment & ERB Barbara Leater)
    £ 76.00 F de Planta (Interment de Planta)
    £131.00 James Long (Masons) Ltd (Memorial for Dudley Cray)

17. Planning
MDC 2013/0613 Grant of planning permission for side and rear extension, with rear loggia and front porch, new access and parking to front at 5 Westover for Mr D Goodall.
MDC 2013/1289 Approval of details reserved by condition 4, 5 & 6 on planning permission 2012/1302 at 1 High Street for Mr Martin Dallinger.
The Stables, Ridgeway Lane. Notification of a complaint investigated that a livery yard was being run in contravention of planning approval from change of use from agricultural to equestrian; the owners deny this, and no further action will be taken.

18. Rights of Way

  1. Dallimore Lane FR12/45. Report that the hedge is overgrown behind 17 Dallimore Mead; Clerk to investigate.
  2. OQG FR12/2. Mr Gaunt arranged for this footpath to be cleared prior to the Fayre; the Clerk was asked to advise Mr White who is the landowner.

19. Reports from Committees and Associations

  1. Village Hall – Nil.
  2. Nunney School – Mrs Hannam is awaiting completion of CRB checks.
  3. NCA – The Fayre was a great success in spite of the weather and Mr Lloyd gave a vote of thanks to the organising committee and this was noted

20. Items for Next Meeting ‒ None advised.

21. Date of Next Meeting:
Monday 2 September 2013 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 9.11pm.