Nunney Parish Council minutes for December 2013


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at Dallimore Mead Hall on Monday 2 December 2013 at 7.30pm.

6740884951_58f8924553_oPresent: Ken Lloyd (Chairman); Mesdames Beresford, Capstick-Dale, Ellis, Hannam, McGee; Messrs Gaunt, Hayden, Masters (part), Sanderson. Also present: Ms B Palmer (Clerk).

In attendance: Cllr Philip Ham

The Chairman welcomed County councillor Philip Ham.

  1. Apologies for absence ‒ Anthony Allom (unwell).
  2. Declarations of Interest – None declared.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council 4th November 2013
    These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Matters arising therefrom – Nil.
  5. Clerks Report & Items for Information – noted.
    Letters & emails – As directed at the Meeting 4-11-13.
    Meeting Dates 2014 ‒ Details circulated and Dallimore Mead Hall booked.
    Dallimore Mead ‒ Refurbishment of bench pending.
    Document storage ‒ Filing cabinet and some files are now in the Village Hall. There are items to go to Somerset Archives and it was agreed that these could be sent by courier.
    Football goals ‒ 5-a-side goals installed (and in use). The Village Hall have advised that they are unable to cover the insurance; accordingly the Clerk has asked the Council’s insurers for cover. Mr Masters has volunteered to remove the old goal post.
    Burial Ground
    i) Parsons Landscapes asked to quote for replanting the hedge; no details at date.
    ii) It was agreed to accept an estimate from K&E Services of £300 to power wash the car park; it was noted that although they will bring water more will be taken from the (metered) burial ground supply.
    iii) Phone call from a relative of Donald Cray concerning his memorial was referred to James Long.
    Solar park at Little Sharpshaw Farm ‒ Mr Allom spoke on behalf of the Parish Council (against the application) at the Planning Board on 20-11-13. See Item 15.
    Affordable housing ‒ It is thought that the diocese have come to an agreement with a developer (believed to be Barratt’s) for housing on the glebe land; no more information available at date.
    SLCC Annual Membership ‒ It was agreed to pay the Clerk’s subscription for 2014 ‒ see Item 14.
    Clerk’s leave ‒ 24th December to 1st January inclusive (10hrs).
  6. Correspondence – noted.
    MDC ‒ Polling Districts and Polling Places Review. MDC is undertaking its four-yearly review of polling places (currently Nunney’s is the “Communal Hall”) and the Council is invited to comment. It was agreed that the Village Hall should be the polling place and the Clerk was asked to advise Mendip accordingly.
    Somerset Highways (by email, forwarded to Councillors) Notification that de-icing material is available for collection from Frome Depot.
    Rural services Network ‒ Enewsletters forwarded to Councillors as available.
    Avon and Somerset Police (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Newsletter (in Reading File) ‒ see; notes of PACT meeting and date of next meeting (13th February 2014 at Frome Police Station); details of local incident x1.
    MDC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of a letter being sent to low income households about help with house repairs/improvements.
    AES Europe (by email) ‒ Speculative letter regarding their services in servicing and repairing lakes, ponds, river banks and so on. Noted.
    Regional Youth Work Unit ‒ Details of their annual conference (forwarded by Mr Sanderson).
    Gloria Cawood (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ District Councillor’s November report.
    SALC ‒ Their new website is now active and log-in details for Nunney have been received.
    Royal Bath & West Society (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Details of “The Prince of Wales Award”, a chance to win £1000 for a community project that has “…brought about improvements to the lives of the rural population in a sustainable manner…”. This was discussed and the Clerk was asked to forward the application form to other Nunney organisations.
    Somerset Playing Fields Association ‒ Annual subscription renewal for 2014 was agreed, see Item 14.
    SCC (by email, forwarded to Councillors) ‒ Consultation on review of subsidised local bus services. It was noted that the bus through Nunney is not affected as it is not a subsidised route.
  7. Annual Playground Inspection
    The Clerk advised that the inspection for 2013 had not taken place as the company had ceased trading.Mr Masters arrived.The Clerk presented the details for alternative providers (x3) and discussions took place. Mr Hayden proposed using RoSPA Playsafety (a previous provider) for 2014 onwards, seconded Judith Beresford and agreed unanimously.
  8. Broadband Speed
    The Clerk circulated information about broadband speeds in Nunney and the superfast broadband project “Connecting Devon & Somerset” and this was discussed.
  9. Flooding and Drainage
    Somerset Highways have undertaken a camera survey of the drains from the Village Hall to Market Place and cleared the pipe; result to be assessed once it has rained.
  10. Market Place
    i)     Removal of telegraph pole. Completed.
    ii)   Bus shelter. Mr Lloyd will contact SSE regarding the ongoing issue of the live cable. Action. KL.
  11. Neighbourhood Plan
    Cllr Cawood has confirmed that there is no support available from MDC to prepare a plan. The Clerk has contacted Rode to see how they are progressing their plan – no response at date. After discussions it was agreed not to progress this at this time.
  12. Recreational Facilities
    Aerial runway (zip wire). It was agreed to accept the quote of £6,510 + VAT from GB Sport and Leisure. Members agreed that the Council will provide £2,000 from reserves towards it. The Clerk was asked to a) contact the donors of funds raised towards the bike track to see if this can be used; b) write to the NCA to see if they can make a donation. It was agreed to apply for a grant from Cllr Ham’s “Health and Well-Being fund”.The Chairman invited Cllr Ham to speak. He gave a résumé of his role and an update on relevant issues from the County Council: it was noted that SCC are looking at budget cuts which include reduced subsidies for bus routes and possibly closing of recycling centres (Coleford).
  13. Precept 2014-2015
    The Draft 1 of the budget, circulated with the agenda, was discussed at length; it was felt that 1% or 2% was appropriate and the Clerk was given guidance to produce a second draft for discussion in January.
  14. Youth Club
    Mr Sanderson asked to carry this forward to the next Meeting.
  15. Finance
    i) Accounts for Payment:
    Cheque 1235 ‒ £     35.55 Ken Lloyd (Mileage to Taunton 24-10-13)
    Cheque 1236 ‒ £   422.31 Beverley Palmer (Salary for Nov & admin costs £59.71)
    Cheque 1237 ‒ £     35.55 Ian Sanderson (Mileage to Taunton 19-10-13)
    Cheque 1238 ‒ £   187.80 Viatec UK Ltd (6 cu ft grit bins x2)
    Cheque 1239 ‒ £1,066.80 G B Sport & Leisure (provision of 5-a-side goals)
    Cheque 1240 ‒ £     15.17 Aster (hire of hall 2-9-13)
    Cheque 1241 ‒ £   101.00 SLCC (Clerk’s membership for 2014)
    Cheque 1242 ‒ £   10.00   Somerset Playing Fields Association (subscription for 2014)
    £  1.41        Bank interest (Oct 2013)
    £56.70        NCA (contribution to insurance for storage shed, OQG)
  16. Planning
    MDC 2013/2234/TPO Proposed reduction in height of yew hedge G1 subject to tree Preservation Order M128 at The Old rectory, High Street for Mr Hill. No objections.
    MDC 2013/1149 Solar park at Little Sharpshaw Farm, Marston Bigot. The Planning Board unanimously accepted the Planning Officer’s recommendation for “refusal” on the grounds of visual impact and long term impact on the three listed buildings in the vicinity.
  17. Rights of Way
  18. Reports from Committees and Associations
    i)     Village Hall – nil.
    ii)   Nunney School – nil.
    iii) NCA – Carols in the castle 22-12-13.
    iv) NunneyChurch ‒ Mr Allom was not present.
  19. Items for Next Meeting
    Maintenance at Old Quarry Gardens (JB)
    Allotment fees for 2014-15 (All)
  20. Date of Next Meeting:
    Monday 6 January 2014 at 7.30pm

The meeting concluded at 8.55pm.