Barratts to present reduced housing plans

Barratt Homes Nunney
The plans have been controversial in Nunney

Barratt Homes will present plans for a reduced housing scheme at Green Pits Lane to Nunney Parish Council on Wednesday 21 October 6.30pm at the village hall.

Barratt Homes revised plan Green Pits Lane Nunney
These are last year’s plans. Barratt Homes’ new proposals will be unveiled on 21 October at Nunney village hall.

Having failed to get outline planning permission for up to 100 homes at Green Pits Lane, Barratt Homes and Pegagus Group have decided to put in a second planning application.

The plans are likely to be more in line with Mendip District Council’s original suggestion of 54 homes at Green Pits Lane. Nunney Parish Council wanted 23 homes.

Chairman Ken Lloyd of Nunney Parish Council told the most recent Parish Council meeting that Barratts has taken on board what they learnt from the failure of the first one and are anxious to find an acceptable compromise.

The first application was turned down by Nunney Parish Council and Mendip District Council‘s Planning Board.

Nunney residents staged protests and wrote in to voice their concerns, which ranged from access and traffic to anger at the sheer volume of housing Barratts tried to jump on our community.

It was eventually rejected at the highest level, after a public inquiry by the Department for Communities and Local Government.


Barratt Homes Nunney
The first outline planning application led to protests in Nunney.
Barratts still has a year or so to go on their option to buy the Glebeland field to build houses and having had their first application rejected are now working on a new planning application. The diocese still supports this approach.

Barratt Homes has asked if they can make a presentation to the Parish Council of the draft of their new application.

That’s why there will be an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in the village hall on 21 October at 6.30pm.

As with all Parish Council meetings it will be open to the public although the purpose of the meeting is to inform the Parish Council.

At a later date Barratts will organise an interactive workshop and comprehensive exhibition of their plans in the village hall.

Coincidentally Mendip Housing is reaching the end of their deliberations on the New Local Plan II and they have booked the village hall for a presentation of their proposed plan. This will be open to all from 1.30pm to 8.30pm on Thursday 29 October.

Our analysis

Barratt Homes Nunney
Barratt Homes’ first application was to build up to 100 houses.
Visit Nunney has made its position clear throughout the initial outline planning application. We are certainly not against new housing in our village, including subsidised or affordable housing.

New blood is potentially good for the community, for our schools, vilage shop, pub, restaurants, clubs and church. During the first application process Barratt Homes has made few friends in Nunney, however.

From taking everyone by surprise by announcing plans to build up to 100 homes at the first presentation to the Parish Council (the Parish Council wanted 21 homes, Mendip 54) to our village being described as ‘ossifying’ by Barratts’ barrister at the public enquiry (a suggestion laughed off even by the inspector leading it), the property developer has shown itself to be a tricky partner to deal with.

Many of the arguments brought up by Barratts in the first round have been dispelled as misleading and inaccurate – from throwing the school a lifeline to making any meaningful financial contribution to our village hall and other community facilities.

The first application was rightly rejected at every opportunity. We always knew that they would come back and try again, having invested heavily in the first application.

No doubt the new plans will put the total number of potential new homes closer to the 54 sought by Mendip District Council before it adopted its new Local Plan.

That figure was based on an estimate of the total number of new homes needed in Nunney over the next three decades, however, not an immediate need.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Let’s see if this time round Barratt Homes proves itself a more response and sympathetic sparring partner.