Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites in the world, the remains of a prehistoric ring of standing stones set within earthworks.


Stonehenge ranks as one of Britain’s most iconic tourist attractions. Located just off the A303 north of Salisbury, the World Heritage Site continues to fascinate the millions of visitors from all over the world.

From Nunney this major attraction is a 45 minute drive across Salisbury Plain. Many visitors are surprised to find that the stone circle is located just off the busy A303.

Controversial plans to widen the A303 and build a tunnel next to the ancient stones are currently in their consultation stage.

A new visitor centre now provides modern tourist facilities, but the magic of this ancient stone circle never fails to impress.

Experts are still divided over the meaning of Stonehenge. Current thinking is that it was a religious place with ceremonial procession routes that was enlarged over time.

A festival that attracted visitors from far and wide was held in the fields around the stone circle, judging by archaeological evidence.

Stonehenge and beyond

Salisbury Plain has many ancient monuments that you can visit. Local tourist information centres can provide routes that take you past white horses chalked out in hillsides, long barrow, burial mounts and other henges.

You may not be allowed to walk inside the stone circles at Stonehenge, but this isn’t the only momument of its kind in the area.

At Avebury, for example, the restored stone circle is so enormous that an entire village with pub were built inside it. runs tours to Stonehenge from London.

Redeveloping Stonehenge

Commissioned by English Heritage, a new visitor centre recently opened to vastly improve the site’s setting, and to rethink the the experience of the tens of thousands of people who visit the site every month.

This documentary tells you more about the secrets of the world-famous site’s history.

Distance from Nunney
28.4 miles (45.7 km)
44 minutes by car

Contact information
Stonehenge Visitor Centre
Off A344 Road
Wiltshire SP4 7DE
Telephone 0870 333 1181

English Heritage and National Trust members Free
Adult £8.00
Child (5-15) £4.80
Concession £7.20
Family (2 adults, 3 children) £20.80

Please note: All education groups must be pre-booked.

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