Representatives of Somerset County Council concluded during a visit to Nunney First School last week that there was “considerable improvement”.

Nunney First School
Nunney First School recently opened a wildlife pond.

They carried out a Learning Walk, visiting classrooms, talking to pupils and looking at their work.

The report that followed included:

“Pupils were very articulate and able to talk about their work and learning.”

“Pupils worked diligently and there was a purposeful ‘buzz’ in the classroom.”

“The quality of the learning environment has improved considerably since the inspection.”

“The Interim Head Teacher, Mrs Pauley, and her staff colleagues … should be congratulated for effecting considerable improvements in the quality of provision at the school within a relatively short period of time.”

Parents began to notice improvements immediately during the summer term – their children were much more enthusiastic about school, keen to work and excited about their learning.

Regular monitoring of the improvements will continue by everyone concerned as we work toward securing the future of Nunney First School at the heart of the community.


Nunney First School
Nunney First School
Hilary Allom, Chair of Governors, said: “Nunney First School has always been a wonderfully caring school – the Ofsted Inspector noted that during his inspection in April this year – but on the teaching and learning front he noted several areas that required improvement and placed the school in Special Measures.”

“Since then our Interim Head Teacher, Mrs Naomi Pauley, the teaching staff, Mrs O’Connor, Miss Murtagh and Miss Nicholas, and all the support staff have worked tirelessly on the necessary improvements.”

“I am happy to say that the school has really turned a corner and monitoring visits by HM Inspector and by the Local Authority provide the evidence that we are on the right path.”

Wildlife pond

In the meantime, we are enjoying the wildlife pond that was opened by local environmental expert Simon King on 7 September and our refurbished Nunney Castle garden both of which are maintained by our Mucky Pups volunteers.

As we enter the last few weeks of term, everyone is busy preparing for our Christmas celebrations including our Christmas Play and our contribution to the Christmas Tree festival in Nunney Church.

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